Gas siphoned while woman was at show |

Gas siphoned while woman was at show

William Ferchland

After seeing “March of the Penguins” with a friend at Heavenly Village Cinema, Etta Thomas knew something was up when she saw the gas lid open on her 1994 Lincoln Town Car.

Suspecting someone siphoned gas from her vehicle, she turned on the car. She was right. The remaining gas stated she had 100 miles left before she had to refuel. It was previously 230 miles, she said.

Thomas presumed the theft occurred “probably because of the price of gas.” She guessed five gallons were taken when she was gone from her vehicle Wednesday afternoon.

She remembered the last time gas was siphoned from her car was during the gas crisis during the 1970s.

A South Lake Tahoe police dispatcher confirmed Thomas filed a report at the station.