Good turn hurts Turn 3 bar |

Good turn hurts Turn 3 bar

Robert Stern

At Turn 3, a bar located in the Kings Trading Post Center, the owners have done their part to curb drunk driving by paying for cabs to pick up intoxicated customers.

Todd Stahl, manager of Turn 3, said the bar spends $200 a week on cabs for intoxicated customers, but the plan has hit a snag.

People are coming back the next morning to find their vehicles missing.

Roxanne Brown drove her friend back to Turn 3 one morning at 8:45 a.m. to retrieve the car. When the vehicle turned up missing, they called the impound yard and discovered a $165 fine.

“She didn’t want to drink and drive,” Brown said. “I could understand if it were snowing or we left it there all day, but she actually went to pick it up before work.”

The problem lies in the lease agreement, which does not allow overnight parking, said Susan Clarkson, who manages the plaza for Redwood Investors.

Clarkson said vehicles left overnight pose a problem for the snow removal and sweeping company, which is forced to come back and finish the job later. This additional work costs money, which is then passed on to the businesses in the plaza, Clarkson said.

“If they have to come back more than once everyone gets charged,” she said.

She also said it creates a liability issue if snow and ice is not properly removed because vehicles are in the way.

“I don’t want it on my conscious that one of my bartenders sent someone home drunk because they were afraid their car would get towed – and then get in a wreck and kill someone,” said Sarah Sheehy, owner of Turn 3.

Clarkson said she has told Turn 3 that they can park up to four vehicles overnight in the center of the parking lot during non-snowy nights with a note.

“I do know that (Stahl) met with (Clarkson) and offered to pay for the extra cost for snow removal and sweeping,” said Dale Sare, attorney for Turn 3. “He even agreed to set up some designated spaces, and he would maintain them at his own cost. They don’t want to aggravate the landlord, but they need to make a living.”

This is not the first time vehicles have been left overnight in the Turn 3 parking lot. Stahl said customers have left their vehicles over night for two years and only recently has it become a problem.

“They are promoting drunk driving,” Stahl said.

But Clarkson disagrees. “I am not promoting drunk driving,” she said. “I’m not going to inconvenience the other tenants. Vehicles have been left in the past, but this year it has gone out of control.”

Clarkson said as many as seven or eight cars have been left overnight and she has no idea if they belong to Turn 3 customers.

“It is my personal opinion that they should be able to park overnight if they can not drink, but at the same time I can understand the owners opinion too,” said Russ Hatfield, owner of Cyber Stop. Hatfield said there should be a company to drive people’s cars home, so they do not get towed.

“I hate to see things get out of hand, because I can understand Todd and Sarah’s point of view and the owner’s point of view,” said Mark Cohen, owner of Overland Meats. He said it does not effect his business.

Sheehy said she is concerned about her liquor license and will be contacting the Alcoholic Beverage Control to check if this situation does not jeopardize her business.

“This is a ridiculous case,” Sheehy said. “They want me to send people home drunk, and I just don’t get it.”

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