Governor vetoes boom box bill |

Governor vetoes boom box bill

Gov. Kenny Guinn on Thursday vetoed a bill prohibiting cars from annoying people with loud stereo systems.

Assembly Bill 481 was sponsored by the Assembly Transportation Committee headed by Vonne Chowning, D-Las Vegas. It prohibits the driver of a vehicle from operating a sound system “in such a manner that the sound emanating from the sound amplification system is audible from a distance of more than 25 feet from the motor vehicle when the motor vehicle is being operated upon a highway.”

Guinn said in his veto message he believes the bill is well intentioned but that enforcement of that problem should be left to local law enforcement.

“The language of this bill is of such a subjective nature that it would unduly burden the efforts of law enforcement officers to enforce this legislation,” said Guinn.

He said law enforcement would face repeated court challenges from drivers over whether their stereo could be heard more than 25 feet away, “or that this law was being selectively enforced against some of our citizens.”

He said it is not good public policy.

Carson City businessman Gary Price was happy to hear of the veto. He said by targeting loud car stereos, customers of his shop, Exotic Car Audio, would suffer.

“I’m happy for the veto, because it targeted certain youth groups,” he said. “There are already powers to ticket people for disrupting or disturbing the peace.”

The sentiment was echoed by Kelly Zaid, who operates Unique Sounds and Auto Accessories with his brother Mitch.

“I’m glad this didn’t pass,” he said. “Our customers have said everybody should have the right to play their music, as long as it is not too loud.”

Both men said it is shop policy to counsel against playing loud music late at night or in residential neighborhoods.

“We didn’t know what to expect with business if it did pass,” Zaid said.

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