Group says Nevada is No. 2 in speeding tickets |

Group says Nevada is No. 2 in speeding tickets

The Associated Press

RENO, Nev. (AP) – A national group that helps people fight traffic charges says Nevada is tied for second in the nation as the state most likely to issue a speeding ticket.

The National Motorists Association says Florida tops the list for speeding tickets, with Nevada and Georgia tied for second.

The group says drivers in Montana are least likely to get stopped for speeding.

However, John Johansen, spokesman for the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, questioned the group’s conclusions. He notes the rankings used a Google search tool that studies state-by-state trends.

Gary Biller, executive director of the Waunakee, Wis.-based group, said it is impossible to tally tickets through state agencies because they don’t collect that data.