Guest column: Our government should protect us |

Guest column: Our government should protect us

Tiffany Miller

Well America, it’s been quite a year so far. Between mass shootings, Boston bombings, Oklahoma tornadoes, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal and the American press scandal, we have seen the very best and very worst our country has to offer in its character.

When bullets flew at the children of Sandy Hook Elementary, we all felt the pain of it. Teachers threw themselves over children in defense of their lives and police rushed into the school without a thought for their own safety. Yet while bombs flew and bullets grazed the bodies of our civil servants in Benghazi, nobody came. Our men were forced to stand alone for hours in a foreign land and under terrorist control without so much as a single soldier sent to help. At first we were lied to and told that a mere video had caused the chaos. Then we were told there was nothing that would have saved American lives. Now we have sworn testimony before Congress that everybody knew it was terrorism from the start and there were soldiers, who could have been there well within time to save our fallen men, who were told repeatedly to stand down. To all of you in the State Department who stood idly by, learn an important lesson from Sandy Hook Elementary — never surrender to terrorism of any kind and know that we expect our government to protect our people like our teachers protect our children.

And as innocent people lost life and limb to two heartless monsters and their sick, radical political games in the Boston bombing, no one cared what side of politics the victims stood on. The only thing that mattered was that we are all Americans and our own had been assaulted. No one from a “red” state stopped praying for the survivors and victims of a “blue” state’s terrorist attack. So take a hint, Internal Revenue Service, when it comes to fairness and decency, we could care less whether you’ve unfairly assaulted a Democrat or a Republican, what you did was plain wrong. We may scream and yell across the aisle, we may vote differently, and we may disagree on practically everything, but we don’t disagree on this! It was wrong for Democrats to be targeted by the IRS during the Nixon years and it is wrong for Republicans to be targeted by the IRS during the Obama years. In America, we believe that everyone has the right to voice their political views, but no one has the right to take away the voice of another.

Speaking of strong voices, in a state known for great country singers and terrible tornadoes, Oklahoma has once again proved that Americans are survivors. And once again, the American press has proved that they are invaluable to our country’s safety. Most Oklahomans were warned about the oncoming F-5 tornado in Moore by their local news stations and the rest of us joined their tragedy through ours. Whether by newspaper, television, or the Internet, the press is called the fourth estate for a reason — we need them. We need them to warn us about danger and inform us about the world. The press is a constant, glaring light on what is going both right and wrong in our country. It connects us in both tragedy and triumph. And one thing is clear, when the government infringes on the right of the press to function freely, the government infringes on all our rights. To Eric Holder and the Attorney General’s office: Stay out of our right as Americans to have the truth. Your office should know more about the Constitutional right to a free American press than anyone, so shame on you for signing search warrants allowing the illegal search, wire tapping and seizure of our press. As far as I am concerned, We the People are your employers and you are fired.

In all of these calamities, I am at least comforted by the fact that the government isn’t what truly represents us, we are, We the People. So follow our example, Washington and all of Obama and his administration. Protect us from evil, even if that means sacrificing more than you want to. Never leave an American behind to suffer in the hands of our enemies. And never, ever misuse your power in an effort to control us. We are Sandy Hook Elementary, we are Boston, we are Oklahoma, we are Americans and we will never let ourselves be beat.

— Tiffany Miller is a Tahoe resident and mother. Visit her website at

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