Guttermouth puts a muzzle on politics |

Guttermouth puts a muzzle on politics

Lake Tahoe Action

Don’t expect a last-minute stump speech in support of the Obama campaign Saturday, Oct. 11, when Guttermouth returns to Whiskey Dick’s.

The Huntington Beach-based punkers advocate getting the political content out of punk rock in general. They withdrew from the 2004 Vans Warped Tour after their opposition to other bands’ anti-Bush attitude made them unwelcome tour guests.

Guttermouth’s gleefully offensive campaign against rules, standards and “the scene” provoke equal measures of love and hate ” but rarely indifference.

“We used to sneak out at night to go to the Koo Koo’s Nest to see punk bands and come home at 4 in the morning completely wasted,” said lead singer Mark Adkins. “It was a time when moms weren’t dropping their kids off at a club in their minivans and SUVs.”

Guttermouth traces its roots to the early 1980s, when Adkins was playing with the likes of Republic in Orange County. He joined Critical Noise, which located from La Habra to Huntington Beach, and re-formed as Guttermouth several years before punk’s resurgence behind the likes of Green Day and Rancid in the mid-90s.

“Oh, don’t lump us in with all those watered-down ’90s bands,” Adkins said in a news release. “We’re a product of the ’80s. That’s where we get our inspiration.”

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Now a five-piece, with founding member Scott Sheldon and Donald Horne (guitars), Ryan Farrell (drums) and Clint Weinrich (bass) joining Adkins, Guttermouth continues to cross borders ” and lines.

Guttermouth released its 10th album, “Shave the Planet,” in August, with sarcastic songs such as “Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes,” “Primate Camp” and “My Chemical Imbalance.”

On Saturday, they’ll join South Shore punkers Anti-Panti and 3UpFront from Santa Cruz.

Gary Estenson, Nate Sweet, Brett Lucia and Curt Murtha emerged from the remnants of a handful of South Shore punk bands in July 2007 and was playing gigs for about a month before settling on the name Anti-Panti.

“We started up a band in two days and played that weekend,” guitarist Sweet told Lake Tahoe Action in December. “We didn’t even have a real name. Everything was up in the air ” we just wanted to keep playing music.”

Hailing from Santa Cruz, 3UpFront is a classic skate-punk band that nonetheless counts Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin among its influences. D$$, Pierce, Whitelaw and Fish recently released their third album, “… & Jake …” and return to Whiskey Dick’s on Saturday.