Healthy meats offered by neighborhood butcher |

Healthy meats offered by neighborhood butcher

Peter Arcuri
Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily Tribune Mark Cohen, owner of Overland Meat Seafood and Deli, holds a tray of pork ribs for his display case.

Aside from being the local butcher, Overland Meat Seafood and Deli owner Mark Cohen is a purveyor of knowledge and passion about what makes for a good barbecue.

Cohen knows what goes with what – whether it is cuts of steak, chicken, pork or seafood. His beef hails from Oregon where ranchers raise cattle the old-fashioned way: no hormones or antibiotics. They are fed a strict vegetarian diet.

The cattle are allowed to graze in wide-open spaces where Mother Nature provides most of their diet. Just one look and you will notice the difference in the marbling of these tender, juicy steaks.

Overland’s chickens are also vegetarian and are grown in Petaluma. They too are allowed to roam in wide-open spaces and fed a diet of golden corn and soybean meal. The flocks contain 25 percent less fat than conventional chickens.

Overland Meat offer Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork. The diet consists of barley and wheat, which helps to produce lean pork with excellent muscle and marbling balance. No extenders, sodium, or water is added, creating a sweeter, more flavorful cut of pork.

Overland uses wild Alaskan salmon that are farm-raised, and its sashimi ahi and gulf shrimp are not only fresh but large.

When steak, chicken, pork, or shrimp are raised in these environments, they actually take less time to cook.

Many of the meats offered at Overland come with rubs, marinades and sauces already built in. Ke-bobs made with tri-tips and marinated in teriyaki sauce are available already skewered, or you can purchase tri-tips, shrimp and chicken and skewer your own.

Overland Meat has its own line of sauces and marinades called “What’s Cookin?” Other sauces range from ginger wasbiyaki, shiitake mushroom, teriyaki salmon sauces to zinfandel tri-tip, cabernet vinaigrette, Basque, Mexican and garden herb marinades.

Cohen recommends the lysander rubs on the Overland steaks. The rubs are packaged seasonings in various flavors for various reasons. The rub permeates the meat, which creates a more intense flavor. Marinades are used anywhere from two to 12 hours before cooking depending upon the meal.

Marinades, as with rubs, enhance the flavor before grilling. Sauces can be used as marinades, but sauces contain a lot of sugar, which tends to burn while grilling. Many pit masters apply barbecue sauce when the grilling is almost done. Sauces, when warmed up, are great for dipping.

Overland Meat Seafood and Deli offers VIP membership and the savings are obvious: You can purchase ground beef on sale for 99 cents a pound.

Overland Meat Seafood and Deli is located at 227 Lake Tahoe Blvd. in Kings Trading Post, (530) 544-3204.

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