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Heart strings: Camper, Cracker bassist pays tribute to father figures

Tim Parsons, Lake Tahoe Action

Troy GaspardVictor Krummenacher plans to release "Patriarch's Blues" on Oct. 31.

Best-known as the bass player for Camper Van Beethoven, Victor Krummenacher will release his sixth solo album Oct. 28.

The deaths of his father and his stepfather in a three-week period inspired “Patriarch’s Blues.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done ” there’s no question about it,” Krummenacher said. “I didn’t plan on it. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I just knew that I needed to make a record.”

Krummenacher called the two days of recording a musical wake. It included contributions from his closest musical associates, including Camper Van Beethoven violinist Johnathan Segel.

Lake Tahoe Action will publish a review about “Patriarch’s Blues” on Oct. 31, the one-year anniversary of the death of Hanford Loy Krummenacher.

The songs come from both the fathers’ and son’s point of view. In contrast to the fun and sometimes irreverent gypsy-punk Camper Van Beethoven songs, “Patriarch’s Blues” is emotional, powerful and superb.

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“New Roman Times” (2004) was Camper Van Beethoven’s first studio release in 15 years. Now that the band is occasionally touring again, another album might follow.

“It’s definitely about time for another record (if) we can wrestle another time to get together,” Krummenacher said. “The thing that’s always against Camper is location, time and money. It’s not like were the Rolling Stones who just fly off to the Bahamas and get together and do a little writing. It just doesn’t work that way for us.”

Krummenacher also has a day job as a graphic artist for the San Francisco magazine Wired. He also is working on an album with singer Alison Faith and their band McCabe and Mrs. Miller.