Help Me Rhonda: It’s never to late to get fit |

Help Me Rhonda: It’s never to late to get fit

Rhonda Beckham
Special to the Tribune


I like to think of Ken Myron as Tahoe’s version of Jack LaLanne – even though Ken didn’t start taking exercise seriously until he turned 64.

In my last column I talked about how strong women stay young. But do strong men remain as youthful?

I’ve been meaning to share Ken’s story ever since I began writing this column for the Tahoe Daily Tribune. He will help us answer the question I posed.

The first time I noticed Ken at the gym I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, that guy is amazingly strong for his age.” Little did I know he could probably give Jack a run for his money. After all, Ken is a mountain man.

Ken says, “I’m 84, but really 48.”

The number of candles on a cake each year is not always the age one feels. Ken has been working out at Sierra Athletic Club since it opened in 1989. He joined the gym because he had just taken up skiing and wanted to get in condition for the slopes.

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At age 75 Ken won an award from Heavenly Mountain Resort for skiing one million vertical feet in 40 days. He was proud to mention that didn’t include any “bonus feet” days. The prize for his accomplishment was a round-trip plane ticket to New York.

He got in more than 50 days last season, mostly at Sierra.

“They treat me so good I feel like their mascot,” he said.

I asked Ken what other ways he benefits from his regular workouts. He says he needs to be strong because he still splits his own wood, golfs, maintains his motor home, and particularly for all those honey-dos his wife of 63 years has for him.

A report in the September issue of Archives of Internal Medicine says older adults who maintain or begin any type of physical activity appear to live longer and have a lower risk of disability.

Here are some other reasons men of every age should be exercising regularly: reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other age related illnesses; improved endurance, balance and coordination; more energy, less stress, better sex and increased self-esteem.

You get the idea. What are you waiting for?

I agree with Ken when he said you’re never too old to start working out.

If it has been a while since you’ve been active, consult with your physician (and a qualified trainer) before beginning any exercise program.

Rhonda Beckham is owner of Help Me Rhonda Personal Fitness Training. She is a nationally certified personal trainer operating out of Sierra Athletic Club and a pilates instructor at Emerald Bay Physical Therapy. She can be reached at (530) 208-6369,, and