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Hiker turns up safe after search

Elaine Goodman

A 56-year-old woman lost overnight in the woods above Elks Point Road curled up with her two dogs to stay warm until morning, when she was able to get help, authorities said.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue team searched through the night for the woman, who had been reported missing by her mother about 10 p.m. Sunday.

The woman, who lives in the area, had gone out to walk her dogs about five hours earlier, driving to upper Elks Point Road and parking there, said Douglas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Cypher.

The woman apparently tripped and fell while walking on the trails in the area. In the process, she lost a shoe, became disoriented and began hiking in the wrong direction.

Realizing she was lost, she curled up with her two large dogs to stay warm through a chilly night that included snow flurries. When morning came, she got back on the trail where she encountered a fellow hiker and asked for help, Cypher said. At that point, she was near the Zephyr Cove Library.

The woman was not harmed during the incident, Cypher said.