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Horoscope for Monday and week of July 13

Jacqueline Bigar

This year, expect to take a stand and lead. At the same time, respond to others’ needs and ideas. This is not to say you will give yourself away. Use your ability to detach and see the big picture. Key people in your life could become more controlling. The only way to win here is not to play. If you are single, you wish for a deeper connection and could jump into a relationship too quickly. Remember, it takes a full year to really get to know someone. If you are attached, don’t get into black-and-white thinking. Consider more often how you and your significant other both can be right. ARIES pushes you into the limelight.

The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult

**** Somehow your fiery side seems to wasted away into nothing. Careful, as emotions peak and come to the forefront. You could be taken aback by someone’s efforts. How you say “thank you” could leave a long-term imprint. Tonight: Put a smile on your face.

This Week: Charge into Monday, knowing the time has come to strut your stuff.

*** You know what you want, but your frustration builds if others don’t fall right into place. You see unexpected actions that might encourage you not to make predictions. Careful with a boss, who clearly is feeling his or her Wheaties. Tonight: Much needed personal time.

This Week: Go backward in order to reflect before leaping forward.

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**** Whether you are ready or not, the time has come to network, and as much as you can. There is no such thing as knowing too many people. Perhaps not knowing others more deeply might be the only criticism. Pressure builds for those in partnerships. Tonight: Try an exotic restaurant.

This Week: Excitement surrounds friends, people and meetings. Take this enthusiasm through the week.

*** Your stability and direction are much appreciated. Nevertheless, you need to make some important friends. You also might want to handle the unexpected and be clear in how you pursue a situation. Pressure builds from out of left field. Tonight: A partner can demand, but you don’t need to respond.

This Week: Demands surround you, yet you are able to handle them and emerge well.

**** Reach out for others and be willing to see your life in a new light. People reveal yet another perspective. Your fiery side emerges. Someone might be on a crusade of some sort. The unexpected plays a role in your plans. Tonight: Follow the music.

This Week: If you can take off, do. Being present will be difficult when doing the tried-and-true.

***** Let someone in on your thoughts. A totally different reaction from what you expected will surprise you. What could this response be telling you? Evaluate your reaction too, but don’t necessarily change it. Tonight: Easy does it.

This week: Defer to someone you trust if you feel the slightest insecure.

**** Listen to news; understand behind-the-scenes activity. Let others do what they want, because you are not in a position to run the whole show. If you think about it, you don’t want to. Tonight: In the game of life.

This Week: Listen to the many people who mean well, then decide what suits you.

*** Dive into work, though on some level you are on a roller-coaster ride. Listen to news that heads your way. Summon your ingenuity when facing a roadblock. Your way of dealing with a situation could feel controlling to someone else. Tonight: Beam in what you want.

This Week: Pace yourself with an eye to at least taking off Friday.

*** Your ability to bypass a situation emerges. Your sense of direction also emerges after a jolt. Consider restructuring your budget or making some changes. Verbalize more often. Others want your opinion.

Tonight: Visit with a friend.

This Week: Your creativity flows from one situation to another. Use your ingenuity.

***** Revisit a situation; take a step forward. Stay in contact with your long-term needs; this introspection is important. Review a situation with care, knowing what works and where you are heading. Tonight: Head on home.

This Week: A personal matter weighs heavily on your mind; try to handle it so it doesn’t interfere with work or other interactions.

***** Establish better communication. A creative and perhaps revised approach, combined with more style, could draw more people in. Listen to what is being shared. Being more responsive will be instrumental as well. Tonight: In the thick of life.

This Week: Communication is not only active, but easily overwhelming. Be sure to take needed personal time.

**** Stay in touch with what you have to offer and where you might be heading. What you come up with is unusual and dynamic. How you deal with it and the decisions you make as a result reflect who you are. An associate or friend makes demands. Learn to be polite, but don’t sell yourself short. Tonight: Your treat.

This Week: Deal with a financial matter, as you will have little choice.