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Horoscope for Monday and week of July 20, 2009

Jacqueline Bigar

Often, your life will take strange, unanticipated turns. Your ability to understand will take you in a new direction and keep you out of scalding water. If you feel that a situation is hot, know that there is something you want to release. Take another look at a situation before the battle. What is the real issue for you? For others? By determining this issue, you might decrease your stress level and the possibility of conflict. If you are single, you are the prince or princess of charisma. Let this magic do its work. If you are attached, this year you will have a tendency to be one-sided and somewhat self-centered. Other CANCERS can be challenging.

The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult

**** Center yourself. Others watch chaos disassemble around you. If you are open and willing, many options will come up. You are known for occasional brusqueness. Tonight: Happily head home.

This Week: Remember close friends and family. Your creativity flows when you are happy.

***** Keep communication flowing. Think about and consider an offer that might involve a financial investment. The problem might be that you need to spend money when you would prefer not to. Tonight: Hang with a friend.

This Week: Communicate your ideas and needs, then listen to the responses.

*** If you would like to turn in a different direction, you will have a lot of explaining to do. Your decisions are more conceptual than financial. Realize that others will challenge you. Note the premise of their argument. Tonight: Gather your bills first.

This Week: Open up to possibilities. If a plan doesn’t work, revamp it rather than let it go.

***** Your instincts kick in, especially with a financial risk. Consider other opportunities that head in your direction. Your personality melts others’ resistances, though clearly someone creates a lot of frustration in your life. Tonight: As the crow flies, head to fun.

This Week: You hit significant days. An eclipse and a New Moon in your sign late Tuesday encourage a new beginning. Move slowly but deliberately.

*** Listen to your inner voice. It is feeding you information. Pressure builds between you and an associate. This person has different ideas. Try out his or her suggestions, and you’ll see the possibilities. Ask questions. Tonight: Others appreciate your openness.

This Week: Midweek, the Moon and the Sun move into your sign. Bathe in the warmth.

***** Focus on your objectives. Stay centered concerning a project. Know what you want if you are considering a friend’s ideas. Different goals could reflect different intentions. Deal with fundamentals, and you’ll be on top of your game. Listen to suggestions openly. Tonight: A meeting or talk could be very important.

This Week: Re-evaluate changes that occur. They will work in your favor, even if you don’t see it immediately.

**** Take a stand and make sure others receive your ultimate message. If people or associates don’t get what you represent, how can they know how valid or effective your concepts are? Verbalize the basics, and have those around you echo what they hear in their own style. Tonight: Out late.

This Week: Investigate a higher-up’s position. It could change, but not right away.

***** Push your perceptions; work to understand a situation better. Eventually, you’ll find a midpoint of agreement. How you handle a friend and your ability to understand and incorporate his or her ideas and identify with him or her add to a better rapport. Tonight: Watch a movie or relax to music.

This Week: Keep reaching for new ideas, even if a resource is cut off.

**** Know what you are doing with key people in your life. Think before you agree to a financial plan, as it could do more than toss your life upside down. Take care of yourself first, despite a strong crosscurrent. Tonight: Listen to a key associate or partner. This person has another take on the same issue.

This Week: Count on yourself and your ability to find answers.

***** Do more listening. You could find more information and insights. Be careful if you still feel that your way is the only way, because the response might not be what you calculated. Someone could tell you that it is “my way or the highway.” Tonight: Let a partner or friend make the final call.

This Week: Defer to others. You don’t have to like their actions or ideas right now. Midweek, an important talk evolves.

**** Focus on completing your job or project. You might get many different takes on which way to go. Remember, the only person who can control you is you. Give up the thought of being controlled or pushed. Tonight: Discover a new stress-buster.

This Week: Allow more give-and-take in your actions. Others will become more responsive.

***** Creativity continues to be your strong suit. Listen to your inner voice with a family member. Understand that a friend could be pushy, but he or she only wants you to support him or her or endorse his or her thoughts. Is there some other way you could add to this person’s security? Tonight: Have fun.

This Week: Creativity might seem endless, but if you don’t support that type of thinking, trouble will abound.


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