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Horoscope for Monday, March 9

Jacqueline Bigar

Often this year, you are focused on your daily responsibilities, whereas other periods, you open up to new possibilities and people. Networking impacts nearly all facets of your life. You will be as lucky as a cat with nine lives! Let go of what no longer works. If you are single, many people could appear in your life. You seem to have a carousel of suitors. Your choice could make a big difference. If you are attached, let your significant other play a greater role in your life. VIRGO adores you, but also can be difficult.

The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult

**** You might wake up with a creative bent, but by midday, it is work and more work, or errands and more errands. Whatever you decide to do is quickly eliminated. With someone gearing up for a disagreement, distance yourself politely. Who needs a showdown? Tonight: Take it easy.

This Week: Kick into work mode Monday, and maintain that pace through Wednesday. Slack up a bit Thursday.

**** Where others are stumped, you continue to be a problem-solver. Don’t question what is going on; rather, enjoy every single moment. Work doesn’t always have to be so serious, either! Go with the moment. Tonight: Relax to great music or chat with a friend at a distance.

This Week: While others hem and haw, you pop up with idea after idea. Share more.

*** If you can, take today off or work from home. Contention seems to surround the Twin wherever he or she goes. Lighten up, knowing your limits. Don’t take on any additional work for now. A partner tosses a new perspective on an old situation. Tonight: Live it up!

This Week: Pressure builds on the home front. Allow this to be a passage, as opposed to a life issue.

**** Where others might retreat, you keep questioning and trying to smooth ruffled feathers, perhaps even your own. Detach a bit, and you’ll come to a point of understanding and gain a perspective. Anything can happen. Tonight: With a favorite person.

This Week: Express your sensitivity and endurance. Others respond well to that mix.

*** You wake up renewed and full of energy. As a result, you attempt to clear out an enormous amount of work. Disagreements pop up out of the blue. You could become frustrated, but the smart decision is to think and detach. Tonight: Gather your bills first.

This Week: Take a penetrating look at your finances. What do you see? Make a much-needed adjustment.

**** You don’t always understand the pros and cons of a situation. You see someone in a different light than many, which doesn’t cause any difficulty. The two of you relate on this level. Relax and maintain an even pace. A walk revitalizes your energy level. Tonight: As you wish.

This Week: You grin, and others respond. You, however, are more likely to be overly serious. Thus, others will be too.

**** Your ability to understand others could be more important than you realize. Be willing to back off a problematic situation this afternoon. Let someone else make the first gesture. Head home as soon as you can. Tonight: Morph your mood.

This Week: Know when you cannot win, and cut your losses. Thursday, you come into your own.

***** In a difficult situation where you might want to have more of an impact, you can — once you decide what works for you but also the common good. Understanding reaches a new plateau if you don’t judge someone too harshly. Tonight: Just for you.

This Week: Keep your goals in your mind’s eye, and you will begin to see a change.

**** You might want to question more of what is needed with a key associate in your life. This person demands a lot of time and often drops responsibility on you. Knowing when to say enough and then choosing the right words could make all the difference. Tonight: A must appearance.

This Week: Much will be demanded from you. Count on making the grade.

**** Where others get locked in negativity, you have an opportunity to see way past the obvious. You laugh, and someone else smiles. Your impact is far greater than you realize. Renew your ideas in light of information that comes forward. Tonight: Beam in what you want.

This Week: Be willing to take extra steps to get where you want to be, which might mean incorporating new ideas.

***** How you deal with a partner could impact the long-term. You’ll also gain understanding if you choose not to react. Fatigue marks your actions as the day becomes older. Allow someone else to take the lead. Tonight: Togetherness works.

This Week: Work with a partner or friend directly. Be willing to walk the opposite side of an issue.

**** Defer to others and make that difference by choosing not to handle problems. You actually empower others much more than you think possible by “not doing.” Someone is quite contentious at this point. Tonight: Sort through the possibilities, then choose.

This Week: Others run the show. You are simply along for the ride. Keep that attitude, and you’ll get results.

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