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Horoscopes for June 8, 2009

The unexpected runs riot this year. You might be taken aback by everything that occurs, reminding you once more to toss thinking in terms of the status quo. Experiment and open up to new processes and different ways; delight in the newness of life. The more you flex, the happier you will be. A closer bond could appear for single Twins. Someone you meet in the near future might make you very happy. Just don’t allow this whirlwind romance to take off too fast! If you are attached, affection deepens as newfound openness refreshes your bond. CAPRICORN might understand you better than you think!

The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult

*** If you’re grounded, you’ll get information necessary to end negotiations about a job. Take action late this afternoon, when you are more likely to get everyone’s ear. Rethink revising your opinion about a key associate. Tonight: Burning the midnight oil.

***** Understand the power of a passive role and subsequent gains. What you want might not happen immediately, but it will happen. Remain optimistic, despite new information. The end product or consequences could be quite different. Tonight: Find a respected friend for feedback.

***** Others continue to dominate. Your sense of direction could play out in the afternoon with a partner. Evaluate your choices with care, as one or more paths seem possible. Tonight: A trusted pal or friend gives you unusual feedback.

***** Tackle your work, as time might be limited from tomorrow on. Truth be told, the afternoon brings many unthought-of options. Be willing to make an adjustment if visiting or networking. Tonight: Out and about.

*** Confront challenges immediately, when you are more likely to see a solution appear. If you are wondering what would be best, hold off for a while. Others play a big role in your ability to focus. Perhaps working from home late in the day would fit the bill. Tonight: Burning the candle at both ends.

*** Choose to anchor yourself. Move a project forward, but wait until midafternoon before launching any new concepts. Information from those at a distance or from experts could force your hand. Understand that there is more than one way to approach a situation. Tonight: Do only what you enjoy and with people you enjoy.

*** Make calls immediately, and understand your choices. Someone is likely to shine some light on what you thought was a done deal. You reach a fork in the road of life: to be closed and rigid, or to open up to new possibilities. Tonight: Happily at home.

**** Handle your finances directly before they handle you! Ignoring the situation certainly won’t work. A discussion with a family member is instrumental in making the right choices. You might need some time to mull over ideas. Do just that. Tonight: Meet someone halfway.

**** Continue the high-energy performance before your energy goes south. Avoiding financial matters for whatever reason needs to stop or never happen! The more time you spend on a job, the better the end results. Tonight: Balance your checkbook first.

*** You could drag for a good part of the day. When you perk up, you feel unstoppable. Notice what might be going on with a close associate or friend. Give this person a smile, and he or she will open up, revealing many different aspects. Tonight: Kick up your heels.

**** Clearly, you have certain matters that need to be handled, and the sooner the better. Consider news and evaluate which course might be the best. The key might be not sharing this process, except with a trusted pal. Tonight: Remember, you don’t always need to be available.

***** A situation demands your total focus and energy. Others want you to take the lead. Though this request might be very flattering, you might have other plans. Focus on your goals right now. A meeting remains key. Tonight: Do you really care that it’s Monday night?

Singer Boz Scaggs (1944), architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867), former first lady Barbara Bush (1925)

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