How high can it go? |

How high can it go?

Patricia Hickson

Emma Garrard / North Lake Tahoe Bonanza / Songwriter and singer Baby Face's home in Incline Village has a personal recording studio and a $5.2 million price tag.

INCLINE VILLAGE – Christmas shopping for a luxury piece of property? Wish you could find a house with a built-in pet shower or recording studio? Want to live, literally, like a rock star? Or do you just want to feel like your own host of MTV’s “Cribs”? There are homes on the market in Incline that can meet all those needs – for a price.

The Incline Village/Crystal Bay Board of Realtors has 66 homes listed in the $2-million-and-over price range. Among these high-priced homes are 17 of the 86 lakefront properties in the area.

But these homes don’t stay on the market forever.

Some 35 houses with values of at least $2 million have sold since January of this year the board reports.

Coldwell Banker broker Gordon Miles said market activity in the $2- to $3- million range is still on the upswing in Incline.

Tanager corporate broker Tawny Stanton said she helped close two multimillion-dollar home sales in the last month.

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“The trend in the higher end is up,” she said.

The Incline Board of Realtors’ numbers jibe with this sentiment showing high-end sales have increased each year since 2001.

“I feel like there are more people shopping the market for these (multimillion dollar) homes,” said Lakeshore Realty owner Chris Plastiras.

Coldwell Banker agent Janet Pahl estimates 2005 has been a banner year for the high-end, noting there is still a little “wiggle room” in pricing.

So what do these homes feature? On the biggest shopping day of the year, Pahl took the Bonanza on a high-end, custom-home tour of Incline.

The first stop was a $2.3 million lakeview home that sold two weeks ago on Christina near Highway 431.

Upon walking in, Pahl rushed to shut off the encoded alarm system while every cautious footstep echoed from the hardwood floors to the cathedral ceiling and back.

“High-end houses usually have granite countertops and wood cathedral ceilings, commercial ranges and Sub Zero refrigerators,” Pahl said. “That’s totally standard stuff in the high-end market.”

The next stop was a $6 million home for sale on Lakeshore. Pahl said the Italian-style furniture, which matched the renaissance artwork on the walls, was specially designed for the house.

The master bedroom included a spa and a sit-down shower.

“A spa room, oh – and two laundry rooms (with) the latest in technology – also standard in this market,” Pahl said.

From traveling up and down spiral staircases, enjoying views of custom-chandelier work, to checking out a framed collection of Michael Jordan jerseys on a den wall; the high-end homes in Incline feature all the stereotypical trappings of luxury … including celebrity.

It turns out R&B lyricist and vocalist Baby Face recently put his $6 million Incline estate on the market.

Incline’s own version of “Music Row” features Baby Face’s abode located in the same neighborhood as the homes of David Coverdale from Whitesnake and Michael Love from the Beach Boys.

The Baby Face estate features unobstructed lakeviews, a layered rock entryway, flat-screen TV’s, a wine cellar/recording studio, surround sound throughout and a full bar – a “bargain” for just over $5.2 million.