Howie’s Chipper about this week’s schedule at The Improv |

Howie’s Chipper about this week’s schedule at The Improv

Howie Nave / Special to Lake Tahoe Action

Mike Pace has a lot of stories to share. Just last month he did his second tour overseas, entertaining our men and women in uniform in Kuwait and Iraq. He called me frequently late last year asking me what to expect. And just for me, Mike said it was one of his most rewarding times. I can’t wait to hear his stories.

He is without a doubt one of the funniest individuals I have ever worked with. Mike makes every sentence funny, and when he adds his animated voices to whatever it is he is saying, it just makes it that much funnier. It’s like hanging out with a best friend who loves to pull pranks.

There was a time when we all thought he was playing for the other team, and even he will admit that people think he is a lesbian ” but it’s just the haircut. He also is a master of physical comedy, contorting himself into expressions that are sometimes a little scary. His face is sometimes funnier than his jokes, and I mean that in the most sincere and complimentary way.

“When I was a kid I used to get the other kids in trouble by making them laugh, so I would work on a new face in the mirror every day,” he said.

In addition to the countless clubs coast to coast, Mike has appeared on Showtime’s “Comedy Club Network,” HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the A&E Network, and he was a host of the Emmy-nominated “Comic Relief.”

Mike has opened for a wide range of talent, including not only Jerry Seinfeld but also musicians B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Natalie Cole and Simply Red.

Chipper Lowell was here earlier, and one reason we wanted him back now is because after this week he is booked elsewhere for another two years solid. This will be the last time to see him here in Tahoe for a long time.

“Chip” combines standup comedy with the physical act of throwing dangerous objects in the air. I don’t think he’s ever dropped any of his knives or blocks, but I would encourage everyone to ask for front-row seats: Why not live life on the edge?

Chipper is an experienced entertainer, and I love teasing him about his unique upbringing. He literally grew up traveling out of a suitcase with his mom and dad, who performed in circus and arena shows all over. Chipper’s father was a professional clown and stage actor, while his mother performed an “iron jaw” act, hanging by her teeth high above the crowds.

As a boy, Chipper was surrounded by a wide variety of circus, dance and vaudeville acts, so he learned his trade from some of the best. Like his parents, Chipper continues the tradition today, performing all over the world.

Over the years, Chipper has racked up an impressive list of stage shows in Atlantic City, N.J., Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, New York, Aruba and Nassau. He has received many awards, including “Best Specialty Act of the Year” from this very publication.

Take that, Rolling Stone!

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