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I believe someone is out there …

Howie Nave
Howie Nave has a close encounter with some new friends at a Roswell bar.

Oh, sure, it could be that I am somewhat “out there” myself, but even after 60 years, I still believe.

The “incident” out in Roswell, New Mexico, is the most famous among UFO enthusiasts, and has been the subject of not just research but television shows and movies, always with Roswell at their core (Area 51 is a close second).

Oh, I have my detractors, sure, but I still believe something more than a research balloon crash-landed out there in the desert back in 1947. Although the United States military still maintains that what crashed back then was a top-secret weather balloon, many proponents of all things extraterrestrial believe otherwise. Granted, there will always be conspiracy theorists lumped in with those (like myself) who believe we have had visitors in the past (“Chariots of the Gods” is a good book to check out on the subject), but evidence shows even now we are getting the look-over from beings not of this world.

I find it unimaginable that we are the only species that exists in the galaxy, let alone the universe, and surely not the most intelligent. Recent actions have proved that, and let’s face it — somewhere along the way the gene pool got diluted with ammonia, and that’s just on this planet.

I have been to Roswell numerous times, twice for the annual UFO Alien Conventions, and it’s more than just some tourist trap to capitalize on the alien business. There are several research facilities and an impressive UFO museum that follows the events of July 1947 with testimony and metal fragments that can’t be analyzed away so easily.

While there, I met scientists and several airline pilots who witnessed firsthand flying objects in front of their aircraft traveling at an incredible velocity, making sudden turns on a dime that just couldn’t be explained, but were told not to file the event as a UFO encounter for fear they might lose their job.

I guess being around others who believe as you do is refreshing, if anything, so you don’t feel like the only whack job out there. Whether they like it or not, Roswell will always be synonymous with UFOs, and the more the government denies their existence, the more I’ll believe they exist.

— Howie Nave is host/manager of The Improv comedy club inside Harveys and reviews films for the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

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