Ice cream Oscar goes to ‘Gangs of New York Cheesecake’ |

Ice cream Oscar goes to ‘Gangs of New York Cheesecake’

Kathryn Reed, Tahoe Daily Tribune

If ice cream flavors have anything to do with who gets the Oscar for best picture, put your money on “Gangs of New York.”

Then again “Lord of the Rings” is a strong contender and could be a spoiler.

This is all based on an unscientific study done at the Tahoe Daily Tribune earlier this month. It involved scoops of five flavors of ice cream and not so secret makeshift ballots.

Cold Stone Creamery has come up with a gimmick to blend the Academy Awards with its creamy concoctions. Five flavors have been named after the five movies vying for the statuette that will be awarded on Sunday.

The flavors are:

n Chicagdough — French vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, chocolate chips, fudge and caramel.

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n The Cake Hours — Cake batter ice cream with brownies, fudge and rainbow sprinkle.

n Lord of the Oreos: The Two Cookies — Sweet cream ice cream with Double Oreos, chocolate chips and fudge.

n The Pecanist — Sweet cream ice cream with double pecans, fudge and caramel.

n Gangs of New York Cheesecake — Cheesecake ice cream with chocolate chips, black cherries and fudge.

“Real cheesecake with perfect cherries.” “Perfectly creamy, just like cheesecake should be.” These are two comments from people at the Tribune who gave their top vote to Cheesecake.

One of the overriding complaints was the chocolate chips. People didn’t think they belonged and that they were a distraction.

At the Cold Stone Creamery in the Marriott complex, it has been a toss-up between Chicagdough and Oreo for best picture ice cream.

“They buy what they like in an ice cream, not what movie they liked,” owner Angel Charpentier said.

It’s a corporatewide promotion that ends on Oscar night. People can register their vote at until then.

“Like Hollywood, the Cold Stone Creamery experience allows ice cream lovers to be the producer of their own unique masterpieces, casting the best mix of stars and supporting elements for the final creation,” said Kim Harris, director of marketing for the company.

Of the 21 people at the paper who tried the five flavors, six waved their spoons for Cheesecake. However, Oreo and Cake Hours tied with five.

Oreo had the most second places with seven, followed by Pecan with six. Pecan and Cheesecake had six third-place votes, with Oreo trailing by one.

Those wanting a second scoop of Oreo said: “I really liked the big chunks of cookie. And a mystery cookie as well.” “I could eat this all day.”

Cake Hours had the most disparity in voting, with five people picking it as the best and eight as the worst. People either wanted more or were ready to spit it out.

Those who couldn’t resist it said: “It’s like licking a spatula of cake batter.”

It’s because of that authentic batter taste others were turned off.

Cookie Dough and Pecan did not go over that well, but overall the Tribune staff seemed ready to down a pint of their favorite instead of just the couple of spoonfuls they were given.

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