Improv welcomes back Hooper and McEnery |

Improv welcomes back Hooper and McEnery

Howie Nave, Special to Lake Tahoe Action

There's a whole lot of funny when Marryellen Hooper comes by the place where Howie Nave works.

Truly one of the finest and most original talents around is Maryellen Hooper.

The last time she performed up here she was part of the 3 Blonde Moms. She was always the standout of the three moms and I’m happy to have her back as a solo act.

I was handling their press and public relations where they performed to sold-out crowds at the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival a few years back. With her unique brand of storytelling and quirky physical humor she’s one of our favorites.

Maryellen is known for her storytelling style of comedy that ultimately twice landed her on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Her every-person observations makes everyone laugh because everybody can relate to what it is she is talking about.

Maryellen was named Best Female Stand-Up at the 12th Annual American Comedy Awards. Her numerous television and radio appearances include Lifetime Channel’s, “Girl’s Night Out,” A&E’s Evening at the Improv and her own Comedy Central special.

I liked her on Animal Planet where she talked about what it was like to go camping and not knowing what to expect. At times when I watch her act, she reminds me of a female version of Tim Allen’s “Home Improvement” character. Her material centered around fixing up a fixer-upper is priceless.

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