Incline Rec Center could see improvements following agreement with Duffield Foundation |

Incline Rec Center could see improvements following agreement with Duffield Foundation

Miranda Jacobson


INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – The Incline Village Recreation Center is in for major improvements that will benefit the community and the location after the creation of Memorandum of Understanding was approved between the district and the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

District General Manager Indra Winquest is excited to begin the process of working with staff, the Board of Trustees, and the community to design a concept that will benefit everyone and truly add value to the programs at the center.

Winquest explained that currently, the team is working on the MOU with the Duffield Foundation to lay out the terms of the conceptual phase of the project in order to estimate costs, ongoing operations, and coming up with programs, including a potential partnership with the Boys and Girls Club and other non-profits.

All of these ideas are still in the conceptual phase and will include the opportunity for the community to express their opinions.

“We will be having vision team meetings when the design team does their thing,” said Winquest. “The goal at that point is once we have everything in place that the conceptual phase provides, we’ll bring that back to the board and essentially pitch an actual project and hopefully get approval by the board.”

The improvements to the Recreation Center could potentially include expansion to the physical property, utilizing parts of the property that haven’t been developed on yet. Additionally, the programs of the center would be improved, offering more space for youth programs, additional programs, and spaces for children to recreate after school.

“We’re trying to envision this the right way,” said Winquest. “We don’t want to build something that a community doesn’t need. We want to get it right. We really want to vet this out and ensure that what we’re building is efficient from both a financial standpoint, as well as an operating standpoint, but also provides opportunity for basically every youth and teen in this community to participate.”

One issue that many families with children have run into is the inability to afford certain programs, which Winquest and his team are trying to combat through the updates.

“So realistically,” said Winquest, “if there’s a child or youth in town that cannot afford to pay, we’re [in a position] to not turn any kids away.”

Winquest is confident they’ll able to do this with partnerships with non-profits like the Duffield Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club.

Winquest noted that these improvements would not be possible without the help of the Duffield Foundation.

“As someone who’s coached all these kids forever and in doing what I’ve done for the district for the last 19 years, this is a need we’ve had for a long time,” said Winquest. “I’m just so thankful that the Duffield’s see this as well. This was having ongoing discussions, understanding what’s going on in the community, and them essentially stepping up and saying, ‘Indra, we’d be really interested in some type of an expansion to sere youth and teens and families.’”

Other potential updates to the Recreation Center include building a gymnasium that can support some sports and the growing Incline Village Gymnastics Team, as well as hiring more instructors and creating more storage for expansion of multi-use activities in the building.

While there is a long road ahead of him, Winquest feels confident this project will positively impact the community, and is excited to continue the process with the community and the Board of Trustees.

“At this point, the board will have every right to do what they want,” said Winquest. “If they have concerns about an aspect of it, we go back, we tweak things, we bring it back to them. But the goal is to have this as fully baked as possible through the conceptual phase so that we can give the Board a tremendous amount of information so they can make a well-educated decision moving forward.”

Winquest is unsure if the project will trigger any level of an increase in the current recreation facility fee, but public comment has proven that regardless, the majority of the community is thrilled to be expanding programs for the youth. While he has no answers on that front yet, he’s positive that the community will be willing to work together to figure it out.

“We just don’t know yet,” said Winquest. “In so many ways, it comes down to what kind of community you want to live in; to make sure that our community youth is somewhere safe to be in somewhere positive to be.”

For more information about the approval of the creation of the MOU with the Duffield Foundation, visit

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