Intrepid Tahoe rockers headline Halloween show |

Intrepid Tahoe rockers headline Halloween show

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George Parsons and Fearless Chicken play all original music with a crazy mix of '60s and 21st-century styles Friday, Oct. 21, at the Tahoe Biltmore in Crystal Bay.

Tahoe rockers Fearless Chicken will provide the music for the party at the Tahoe Biltmore on Halloween night. The party is at 9:30 p.m. and encourages costumes.

The rock ‘n’ roll band plays all original songs. Over the past eight years, Fearless Chicken has become one of Tahoe’s most popular bands, performing with old-school ’60s style and blending in a 21st-century, out-on-the-edge, counterculture craziness.

Frontman George Parsons is the lead singer, a tall, imposing figure who usually has spiked pink hair, sunglasses, wild gestures and entertaining lyrics. Sam Cockins, a longtime Tahoe resident who refuses to shave until the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, lays down the rhythm. Derek Olijar plays lead guitar with smooth grace. Roger Cole plays the bass, and Kevin Fanning is on the drums. Always entertaining, Fearless Chicken will not disappoint and will leave onlookers howling like a coyote at the moon.

Dress to impress in costume at the Tahoe Biltmore during the concert. Those who dress up win prizes.

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