It’s an appropriate time to check fire insurance |

It’s an appropriate time to check fire insurance

As a huge plume of smoke continued to rise over the North Shore horizon Monday, the threat of fire sparked a variety of action plans among South Lake Tahoe residents.

Jackie Reyes decided Sunday to review her fire insurance policy for her home, which is surrounded by grass. She lives on Wildwood Avenue backed up against California Tahoe Conservancy property near Heavenly Ski Resort.

“I suppose it’s like anything else. It could be fuel for a fire,” Reyes said.

Fire authorities advise residents to clear defensible space around structures.

Lillian Lyttaker keeps this buffer zone cleared, but she wishes her Sierra tract neighbors would do the same.

Along with hoses, Lyttaker has placed fire extinguishers on two sides of her house in the event of such an emergency. If all else fails, her first instinct would tell her to place her valuables in boxes and evacuate.

Fire seems to follow Robert and Karen Herrington.

Robert was caught in the shower the day of the Emerald Bay fire in July 1958.

He evacuated with others but returned to a burned-out home. When the fire truck arrived, the pump failed to work.

“I don’t trust the fire department because sometimes they can’t put it out,” he said. “There’s not much you can do (personally). You do what you can do with a hose.”

He wants to cut down a few trees near his house on Lukins Way, but regulations don’t allow him to do so.

The couple has somewhat surrendered to the fact that fire is a natural element to their lives.

When they lived in Arizona in 1989, a fire consumed their apartment.

“I always thought about what I would grab if it happened. I grabbed dirty laundry because all I could think about is that I had to go back to work,” she said.

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