It’s hailing in Hawaii, storm in Tahoe is next |

It’s hailing in Hawaii, storm in Tahoe is next

Hunker down folks, the Pineapple express is on its way to Tahoe.

Yes, Tahoe, hail is falling from the sky in Oahu, Hawaii; hail the size of quarters to tennis balls. As I write this article, I am listening and watching Hawaii News on my computer, the Earth changes are among us.

Last week, March 2, I was just about to board my plane from Sacramento to Honolulu for my usual trip back to the islands. I had a major queasy feeling in my stomach – the kind that doesn’t let up and tells me as a psychic, danger.

It was then I refused to bored the flight and take off into the sunset. I felt something was very wrong I called all my friends to check my feelings and the word that came back to me was delay your flight unless you want to fly through major turbulence. My friends told me there were nonstop flash flood warnings.

While writing this, it is now pouring rain in the islands, all the roads are washed out, civil defense, is setting up shelters on the North shore of Oahu, water pipe mains are breaking on Nimitz Highway and Hawaii Kai is under siege. There are rock slides and mud slides and on the north shore where my house is and there are 15-20 foot waves. Thirteen inches of rain had already hit the pavement and, to top it all, there was a 6.7-magniture earthquake in the middle of the Pacific that caused a tsunami alert – but all is well along that front.

In Kaneohe Marine base ground zero, there was a report of hail the size of golf balls. The Island people were mesmerized; never before have the locals ever seen what was to come. It has been raining nonstop in the islands since March 2.

Wow! What can I say? I have changed my flight so many times in the last 10 days that my wallet is busted from the change fees; however, the advantage of being a psychic is that I am able to feel dangerous situations and most of the time I can get out of arms way.

Listening to the news this morning, one of the funniest things I heard from one of the locals was, “Hey, the hail is so big now I’m going to make shaved ice now, what flavor you want?”

This is what is so special about Hawaii and her people. The Hawaiian people, even in the midst of disaster, can still make jokes.

This is the actual message that has appeared in my email this morning:

“The (National Weather Service) in Honolulu has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for: the island of Oahu in Honolulu county until 7:15 a.m. HST. At 6:43 a.m. HST, trained spotters in Kailua were still reporting hail of ping pong ball-size in Kailua. This severe thunderstorm was moving to the southeast at 5 mph. This storm has a history of producing large, damaging hail. Locations potentially impacted include, Waimanalo. Precautionary/preparedness actions: This is a dangerous storm. If you are in its path, prepare immediately for damaging winds, and deadly cloud to ground lightning. People outside should move to a shelter, preferably inside a strong building but away from windows.”

I leave for Hawaii on Monday. Tahoe, take cover, my track record is that storms brew whenever I leave the mountains to Hawaii. Tuesday, the storm will be in Sacramento, heading toward the mountains. Tahoe, stock up and hunker down.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality. Dayle will be doing private parties. To ask Schear a question for this column, email Please include a telephone number.

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