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Letter: It’s not right to address trash pollution by using light pollution (Opinion)

Dear Editor:

Take Care Tahoe, we read the story about your purchase of LED billboard advertising.

While we completely appreciate your efforts to keep Tahoe clean, we are appalled that you would choose to use light pollution to address the issue of trash pollution.

An LED billboard is a dangerous distraction. Shining high energy lights directly into people’s eyes while they are driving makes no sense. This is a violation of our 14th amendment right to liberty.

Light pollution is increasing across the globe at an unsustainable rate of 2% per year. Adding bright LED billboards makes this situation worse, not better.

Last week, my attention was grabbed by an LED billboard on Interstate 80 in Sacramento. I lost focus on my driving and drifted into the next lane, where there was already a truck. We both swerved to avoid the collision.

I notified the City of Sacramento about this incident. When an actual crash happens and someone dies, the law firms will be able to access my warning via a FOIA. The end result will be an award of millions of dollars to the plaintiff because Sacramento knowingly allowed the dangerous device.

Lake Tahoe and the city of Folsom are now fully informed that LED billboards are unsafe and must be removed from our lives. Citizens of a civil society must not be subjected to dangerous light being shined in their eyes.

Mark Baker


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