IVGID Board requests more information ahead of water, sewer rate increase

Staff Report

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. – The Incline Village General Improvement District Board of Trustees tabled the scheduling of a public hearing for sewer and utility rates after the board decided they needed more time with the data presented to them.

“We need to spend some more time looking at these numbers,” said Trustee Sara Schmitz.

The utility rate study conducted found that with current water and sewer rates in the district are not meeting the overall fiscal budget needs for capital improvement funds and debt funding.

Two major projects right now that directly correlate with the debt funding include the Effluent Pipeline and the Effluent Pond Lining Project.

The Board unanimously agreed that they would need more time with the data that was presented by HDR Engineering Project Manager Shawn Koorn. It was suggested that water and sewer rates could be raised by either a fixed or variable rate way in order to meet the needs of all demographics in the area, ranging from commercial locations to multi-family homes.

The presentation was only a report of findings, and the final report has not been finalized or approved by the board yet.

“We have not received the final report and I think this is a very important decision that we make and I feel we need more time to digest the information and validate some of the numbers,” said Trustee Schmitz. “I found discrepancies in the capital improvement budget numbers and I think it’s premature to set that date at this point.”

The presentation included examples of how the rates could increase over the next five years, with the potential to see around a $10 increase in fees, around a 20% rate hike. It was agreed upon that increasing rates was needed in order to meet the fiscal needs of the district while staying fair to the residents and businesses of the district. Many Trustees pointed out that regardless, the rate increase is needed due to lack of increasing rates in the past few years even though there has been an increase in capital improvement projects.

“I think we should look at making things a bit more equitable,” said Trustee Schmitz.

Trustees Schmitz and Dent both were adamant in researching more ways to save the district money and fund capital projects through potential outside funding.

Now, the Board must go back and review the information to provide feedback to Koorn at the next meeting.

The Board removed item H.2 from the agenda to receive the Audit Committee report, which left only the construction contract to repair the main election breaker as part of the Resource Recovery Facility Improvements Project. The amount of $50,117.00 with a $5,000 contingency was approved.

General Manager Indra Winquest reported that a new community survey is going to be conducted in terms of the dog park in Incline Village after many members of the public called the USDA Forest Service to report false information about the park.

Winquest pointed out that if a new dog park is not built, the community will have to continue to use the Village Green to recreate with their dogs, which has had major conflict in the past.

Paul Klein from Tri-Strategies updated the Board on State and County funding the agency is attempting to secure in order to help offset the funds from the Effluent Pipeline and Pond Lining Projects. Currently the district is in a waiting game with both the State and County, but Klein is optimisitc, especially for funding for senior programs.

An update Burnt Cedar Pool Engineering Manager Kate Nelson informed the board that as long as weather permits, the Burnt Cedar Pool will be finished on time for the summer season. Nelson then asked the board for direction on smaller details in the construction, including how to build pathways to avoid shortcuts from the pool to the deck.

She did point out that since the walkway wasn’t included in the final design, so it would come at an additional cost and could be done at a later date.

The Board concurred that they would follow the advice of the General Manager on the project going forward.

It was approved to add a new parcel to the Recreation Roll on Lakeshore Blvd..

The parcel owners wanted to be in compliance after it was discovered the parcel wasn’t previously registered with the Recreation Roll of the district since the previous owners felt they didn’t want the privileges of IVGID.

“I don’t think that we want to punish the new owner for this current situation that has nothing to do with the past,” said Winquest.

Winquest pointed out that he doesn’t think this is a common occurrence that is happening in Incline Village, but he will be working with the compliance team to ensure the situation won’t continue to happen with other units.

The meeting concluded with the Board approving the Memorandum of Understanding between IVGID and the David and Cheryl Duffield Foundation to move into the conceptual phase of the expansion of the Recreation Center.

Winquest pointed out that this phase of the project would just be conceptual, and a final project has has not been approved yet.


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