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Izabella exits studio, heads to Stateline

Tim Parsons

Izabella’s new sounds for its second album have been captured. Now the band’s fans can catch Izzy’s live sounds, along with a light show, Friday at the Tahoe Underground.

The Sacramento band’s recent shows at the Kingsbury club have become regular jam and dance affairs, and this one could be particularly festive.

“We just got out of the studio last night down in Berkeley and we put some great moments down ‘on tape,’ and I think that the CD will be a great listen for many different types of people and music fans,” guitarist Sean Lehe said Monday. “What it comes down to is we had an amazing time together bringing to life some music in the studio in the last five days and we are really excited about our results.”

The album, “In the West” is expected to be released by late summer or early fall.

Izabella is two bands jammed into one in a collaboration of members of the East Bay group Home at Last and the Sacramento band 4 Guys from Reno.

Lehe addressed the challenges of putting two bands together.

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“The big challenges we face are developing new ways of deepening our six-way musical communications,” he said. “There were a few shows early on that when we lost cohesion we sounded like two different bands on stage, but those were really bad nights. On a really great night the audience and ourselves become one big happy family.”

Such was the case at a recent show at the Underground when members of three South Shore bands attended.

“It’s always great to have musicians into your music,” Lehe said. “That is a good barometer of what your up to as an artist, but remember, most musicians were fans first. I still well up every time I hear Bill Frisell play a guitar, and not just with joy and tears. It’s with all kinds of thought and emotion. I think our love of music and the joy and freedom that we find in it is becoming infectious, and that is all a musician could ever ask for.”

Tahoe Underground, located at 270 Kingsbury Grade, features Jay Wail on Saturday, June 23.

Owner Chris Hammett has booked much of the early summer schedule. Some notable dates include an African Beat Night with Zimbabwe’s Bongo Love and Kenya’s DJ G and the July 27 return of Truckee Tribe. The Hyenas make its comeback show at the venue on July 21 with an anticipated kinder, gentler, wreck ‘n’ roll, dance-floor crowd.