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Jackson family consults attorney following deadly shooting

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Trevor Smith lights a series of candles in memory of Kris Jackson at Regan Beach on Wednesday night. Jackson died on Monday morning after being shot by a South Lake Tahoe police officer.
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An attorney representing the family of Kris Jackson, who died after being shot by a police officer early Monday morning, is alleging that the officer who shot his client at the very least did not act properly.

Sacramento Attorney Alan M. Laskin described the actions of the police officer as hasty. He added that, based on the facts gathered so far, which were attained for the most part from Jackson’s girlfriend’s testimony, “at a minimum, proper policies and procedures were not followed.” Jackson was reportedly unarmed when he was shot. He died roughly two hours later at Barton Memorial Hospital. A statement by the shooting officer revealed he perceived a deadly threat from Jackson.

Laskin questioned whether Jackson was a threat to the police officers, claiming he was shot when he was trying to climb out of a window. Jackson is believed to have been shot a single time.

Laskin said Jackson, who was on criminal probation, likely tried to run because he was afraid of being arrested. Jackson’s girlfriend claimed she did not hear a command to stop, according to Laskin. The attorney added that Jackson was not a violent person.

South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler declined to comment on the details Laskin described about the case because the investigation is ongoing. With the involvement of an attorney, he further explained, he could not comment on any accusations that could become a legal matter.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department (SLTPD) previously stated that “more detailed information will be made available as appropriate given the ongoing nature of the investigation,” and asked for patience during an investigation that might seem slow to some. Uhler said Wednesday that information will continue to be released as appropriate.

Jackson was killed during an interaction with police officers just before 3 a.m. Monday after the officers responded to a call involving a woman who was crying and screaming.

It has not been made clear if Jackson was suspected of a crime when the shooting occurred. Laskin described the reports of a woman who was screaming and crying as accurate, but said Jackson and his girlfriend were not involved in a physical altercation.

A Tuesday morning press release revealed that on June 1, Jackson was arrested by SLTPD and charged with possession of several baggies of cocaine, scales and packaging materials. On May 21 Jackson was arrested by SLTPD for an alleged failure to appear warrant in Sacramento relative to a drug possession charge. It is not clear if Jackson has a record of violent crimes.

Still, a radio-dispatch timeline included in a Tuesday afternoon SLTPD press release revealed that the entire incident unraveled in two minutes and 45 seconds, from the arrival of the officers to an ambulance being requested. The crucial action occurred in an even smaller window of time, roughly 28 seconds. Twelve seconds passed between the report of someone going out of a window and shots fired being reported, and 16 more seconds passed until an ambulance was requested.

Regarding the identity of the police officer, Uhler said he did not yet have a timeline for when the name could be released. He explained there were protocols that needed to be followed before the name could be released.

Laskin said his firm was currently trying to gather information and would then analyze how to proceed with the case.

An autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday and a report is expected to be released in the following days.

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