Kickboxing is a sport for all ages |

Kickboxing is a sport for all ages

Rhonda Beckham

A younger colleague told me she believes only people in their 20s are interested in trying aerobic kickboxing. Nonsense.

I didn’t try the sport until after having my second child when I was 37. I always say “do what you love” and this sport is a kick.

The name “kickboxing” can be a bit intimidating, but the only thing being attacked is a stand up bag – not other people. And no one is kicking back.

I’m hooked for several reasons. There’s no better therapy than being able to release stress and negative energy on an inanimate object. No one gets hurt. You feel better because of the enormous amount of energy expended in a 60-minute class. A 155-pound person can burn 700 calories.

To burn 700 calories in an hour, I better be enjoying it otherwise it becomes an extremely long hour. Kickboxing proves exercise can be fun, it doesn’t have to be monotonous and traditional gym workouts aren’t the only way to get a full body workout.

I have introduced most of my clients to this sport that combines aerobics, boxing and martial arts. They keep asking for the bag.

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Suzanne Carreau is one of the many who dreaded exercise until I introduced her to kickboxing. What a thrill to see her passion and power surface.

I have taught teenagers, people in their 50s, and my rookie is a woman who weighs 262 pounds. Obviously, being a 20-year-old tri-athlete is not a requirement. I even bought my daughter a pair of youth-sized gloves.

Kickboxing is about using your legs, but the arms get action as well. Movement is constant. This keeps the heart rate up.

My kickboxing instructor, Catherine Arens at Lake Tahoe Community College, is a mother of two, 44 years young and has been teaching various group exercise classes for 23 years and kickboxing for 10. She is an attentive instructor who keeps a good eye on all students to ensure everyone stays within a safe cardiovascular range and demonstrates good form to prevent injury. Her students age range from 18 to 60 plus.

Take a class from an experienced, certified instructor. If the class scene is not for you, call around for a private or semi-private session.

Kickboxing classes offered around town:

Lake Tahoe Community College (530) 541-4660

Sierra Athletic Club (530) 542-4426

Push Fitness (530) 544-9111

– Rhonda Beckham is a nationally certified personal trainer, with teaching certificates in Pilates and kickboxing.

She is owner of Help Me Rhonda and Perfect Pilates, a Pilates instructor at Lake Tahoe Community College and Sierra Athletic Club, as well as a personal trainer operating out of Sierra Athletic Club and the Tahoe Keys Marina Dance Studio. She may be reached at (530) 208-6369, http://www.tahoetrainer.comand