Kids flock to Sawmill Pond fishing day |

Kids flock to Sawmill Pond fishing day

Steve Yingling, Tribune sports editor

More than 200 children turned out for the annual Kids’ Free Fishing Day on Saturday at Sawmill Pond.

Boys and girls cast their lines around the pond and caught some nice-sized trout.

Ryan Piazzo, 14, Scotty Carlson, 12, and Chas Carlson, 14, all of South Lake Tahoe, pulled in a 5-pound, 4 ounce fish with Chas Carlson’s home-made “Denominator” lure.

Alllen Baker, 3, of South Lake Tahoe caught his first fish ever, and Jodie Motta went home with some more fish stories as the 7-year-old veteran angler caught four and kept three.

But the talk of the fishing pond for children 14 and under was Allana Hernandez, who caught two 5-plus pound trout with her 18-inch Pink Lady fishing pole. Her last catch was estimated 28-inch, 6-plus pound whopper. Her memorable fishing experience made her dad, Joel, warmly recall his first kids’ fishing day at the same location nearly two-and-half decades ago.

Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters, the Optimist Club of South Lake Tahoe and Doug “Mac-the-Naw” Busey were on hand to ensure children experienced a fun day.

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