Kid’s say the darndest things |

Kid’s say the darndest things

William Ferchland, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Children say the funniest things — some are comprehensible; some are not.

Three kindergarten children at the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center took a break from their afternoon snack of sliced apples and cheese to answer some important questions.

Austin Williams puts clear gel in his hair and wants to be a “newspaper guy.” Jasmine Munn wants to be a teacher and a nurse. Robert Hook doesn’t like cheese and wants to be a policeman.

The threesome was more than happy to chat. Giggles became infectious when Robert hid under a wooden bench.

n What is the most important thing in life?

AW: To be safe. If you’re not safe you’ll get hurt like if you’re blind you won’t see and you’ll get run over by a car.

JM: It’s to care for everybody.

RH: Don’t cut down trees. That’s a really, really, really bad thing.

n How can you tell if a boy or girl likes you?

AW: Because we look cute. She asks me to marry me.

JM: They would smile and ask me to have a date at a restaurant. I would order pizza.

RH: I don’t know.

n How do you know when you’ve gone too far?

AW: Because you can’t see your house anymore.

JM: If you had too much toys.

RH: When my parents say, “Stop it.”

n What is the worst thing you could do to a person?

AW: Give them a bruise on the nose because that’s where the boogers come out.

JM: Slam them into a tree.

RH: Punch them. Yeah, yeah. Punch them.

n How do you make a person happy?

AW: Be nice to them. Make them a cookout and go to a baseball thing together and play basketball.

JM: Give them a card.

RH: Play cards with them.

n If you could have any pet, what would it be?

AW: I want a pig for dinner tomorrow and a cow. That’s the funniest thing I ever said.

JM: A white bunny because they’re furry. I like furry animals.

RH: A dinosaur. I mean a vampire. I mean, not a vampire, a bat because I could fly with it.

The question-and-answer session was interrupted when Jasmine had to leave and Robert disappeared into another room. Austin remained with a smile as big and bright as a casino at night. He started doing jumping jacks and talked about why answering questions is a good thing.

“It’s good and it’s fun because you get more exercising so you can do those things at your picnics at lunchtime,” he said.

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