Kivi Rogers gets talked onto the stage |

Kivi Rogers gets talked onto the stage

Howie Nave

It's showtime for Howie Nave, Woody Woodpecker and Kivi Rogers.

Kivi Rogers returns to The Improv at Harveys for the first time this year. Kivi is a gifted individual with a quick wit coupled with a thousand different voices – voices, he says, that were a part of his survival instinct, having had to contend with five brothers as a child.

He didn’t plan on making a career out of stand up, but that’s often the case sometimes. After earning a degree in computer electronics, Kivi landed a secure position with a reputable law firm. So how did he go from executive material to writing comedy material? As with most comics, it’s usually their friends or co-workers who talk them into getting on stage, usually at open mic nights.

It’s much easier getting people who know you to laugh than absolute strangers, but Kivi had a knack for making everybody laugh, so he gave it a shot. Friends, relatives and other victims coaxed Kivi into to trying his comedy on stage. He did, and within a year of his first performance won his very first comedy competition. It was soon goodbye to the 9-to-5 job and hello to the comedy road.

Hit the road he did, and along the way Kivi has appeared at the prestigious Aspen Comedy Festival where he showcased for HBO. His film credits are impressive, having starred in the Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow feature film, “Romey And Michelle” and “What I Did For Love.” Among his television credits are ABC’s “Home Improvement,” NBC’s “The West Wing,” CBS’s “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and HBO’s “Not Necessarily The Elections with Dennis Miller.” Kivi has also appeared on A&E’s “Evening At The Improv,” “Comic Justice” on Comedy Central, “Def Comedy Jam” and The Improv comedy clubs.

He recently returned from performing overseas entertaining our troops which he found to be the most rewarding experience ever.

Big laughs with Jim McCue

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Appearing with Rogers every night this week through Sunday is Jim McCue. At 6 foot 6, Jim McCue stands head and shoulders above the comics who perform here, with the possible exception of Judy Gold. I think it might be a tie, actually. This marks Jim’s debut in Tahoe.

He likes to invite the audience to be part of the show, at times blending thought provoking material and utilizing his improvisational skills. He’s been featured on Comedy Central, Comcast Comedy Spotlight and The Boston Comedy Festival.

By the way, The Boston Comedy and Movie Festival is the brainchild of McCue, who founded the popular event. “The 7th annual Boston International Comedy & Movie Festival” takes place Sept. 8 through 16. Over the course of six days, 150 comedians will come together from across the globe to share their talents and celebrate the rich culture of that city. OK, it doesn’t hurt that 96 of them will compete for the honor of being the Best Comedian with a purse of $10,000.

Of all his endeavors, though, Jim said his most rewarding experience was that of entertaining our troops in Iraq. Enjoy your first time here, Jim, and remember to pace yourself, since Boston doesn’t have the kind of mountains we have out here in the west.