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Kudos & Kindness

Dan Thrift / Tahoe Daily Tribune / Members of the Heavenly Ski Foundation Freestyle Team thank Kenny Curtzwiler for his support of the team. From left are Kenny Curtzwiler, Marshall Curtzwiler, Jere Crawford, Rebecca Roberts, Jimmy Roberts, Sho Kashima, Hannah Curtzwiler and Jay Panther.

The athletes, parents and coaching staff of the Heavenly Ski Foundation Freestyle Team would like to thank Kenny Curtzwiler of K&K Service and Ski Bum Family Inc., for his enormous support of the team the past two seasons.

Kenny has contributed more than $8,500 by donating at fund-raisers, buying team uniforms, and paying for lodging, transportation and meals on road trips. In addition, he logged countless hours doing the hard work of setting up competition venues. Kenny put in 70 hours on the nationals course last year. He just returned from serving as a chaperone and driver on a two-week road trip. Many thanks.

Heavenly Ski Foundation Freestyle Team

Breast cancer fight gets cash

On April 9 at the Girl Powder Concert Series at Stone St Bar and Grill at Caesars, we raised $600 dollars for the Breast Cancer Fund and breast cancer research.

I would like to give a huge thank you and kudos to Joel Lackovich and Girl Powder for organizing the event, Drew from Sierra-at-Tahoe for being a great MC, Stone St and Caesars for having us there, Sierra-at-Tahoe for the lift tickets, Al and Donna Vano from the South Tahoe Snowboard Series for the fantastic raffle prizes (the girl that ended up with the snowboard boots/bindings was bouncing off the walls), Aurora, Mudbath, and Lavish Green for great music, Jay at Sports LTD, Dan and Mark from Rockwater, and Geoff from Samurai. A special thanks to Susie Stitch and Sue Gedanke for helping sell those raffles.

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One in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. With research and prevention, we can make a difference. Thank you all again.

Chris Kozlowski

New resident liked the show

This past Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the final production of “Anything Goes” at South Tahoe High School. To say I was impressed would be an enormous understatement. The talent on the stage and in the orchestra was extraordinary, and the backstage operations of set, lighting and sound were seamless. It must have been a joy for the director and her staff to work with every single youth on this production because of their dedication to putting on a first rate show.

I am a new resident to both South Lake Tahoe and the state of California from Illinois, and while the geography might be different the plight of extracurricular activities in the schools are the same. While I am not a parent of a child attending our city’s schools, sitting in the theater on Sunday reinforced for me the importance that our youth continue to have made available to them programs in arts and athletics coupled with their academics. I read constantly about the athletic talents of our youth and now I have personally witnessed the musical talent.

It is my sincere hope that all residents of our fair city will support our school systems’ extracurricular activities. I know that I will be a supporter whenever there are raffles, performances, or events that require volunteer or financial resources. Otherwise the talents of our youth will not prosper or continue to shape their character.

Please join me in celebrating all of the talents of our youth and encourage and support them in their extracurricular activities.

Patrick Kaler

Lot of folks give peace a chance

The committee for the Season for Peace and Nonviolence is grateful to all the individuals and groups who made this year’s celebration a huge success.

We specifically wish to thank Nancy Oliver Hayden and the Tahoe Daily Tribune, KMTN, LTCC Student Council and Theatre Department, LTUSD, Norma’s Nooners and KTHO AM 590, South Tahoe High School and The Company, Mario Gonzalez, Java Djembe, Linda Loughrin and the Bijou Elementary students, The Blue Ribbon Classical Choir, One Voice/Unity at the Lake, Safe Haven Chiropractic, The South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center (and Brenda), Ashley Pacheco (for accepting the Peace Hero Award on behalf of Holly Greenough), and Gordon Shirts.

Space does not allow us to list everyone who gave of their time, talents, and financial support. We collectively thank all of the organizations and individuals who supported the Season for Peace and Nonviolence as sponsors or volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of this wonderful community.

Janice Eastburn

Highland Inn does right thing

I would like to publicly thank Tony Zupan, the manager of the Highland Inn, 3979 Highway 50, for performing a very kind act when he came to the assistance of a mentally ill man who was tired, cold and lost.

I am a patrol officer for the South Lake Tahoe Police Department. Recently, I was working a patrol shift when I was dispatched to a local business to contact a man who the business manager advised was trespassing and drunk. I contacted the man inside the business.

After talking to the man, it was apparent that he was not drunk. The man was lost, confused, hungry, afraid and trying to stay warm. The man was able to give me a phone number that he thought belonged to his father. When I called the number, the man’s father did answer, and was relieved. He said that his son suffers from mental illness and had been missing for two weeks.

The father lived far away and would not be able to make it to South Lake Tahoe until the next morning to pick up his son. The man was not under arrest, so he was not able to be housed at the jail. He was not sick, so I could not take him to the hospital. What the man needed was a warm, safe, clean place to sleep and wait for his father to pick him up.

This is where Tony from the Highland Inn comes in. Before I could finish, he handed me a room key and said, “No charge, get him inside.” I was amazed by Tony’s kindness and generosity toward a total stranger.

The next day the man and his father were reunited. I want to recognize Tony in this letter because I think he should be commended for his kindness and willingness to help. I also hope this story may help people to understand that sometimes there is more to a person’s story than just what you see on the surface. Your time, compassion and willingness to help can make a tremendous difference in someone else’s life.

Officer Rebecca Inman

South Lake Tahoe Police Department

Lots of support for young skiers

I am writing to you on behalf of the Buddy Werner Youth Ski League, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit entity. Buddy Werner ski program provides the kids a chance to ski and find out if they have any interest in racing. Many Buddy Werner skiers join the Sierra-at-Tahoe race team and high school competition.

Buddy Werner comprises approximately 150 kids ranging from 7 to 14 years of age. The skiers race either on Saturday or Sunday. Coaches, lodge moms, timers and course setters are all volunteers. We even have junior coaches who are former Buddy Werner participants.

Every year we have considerable expenses which are used to help fund scholarships for needy kids, volunteer background checks and purchasing racing equipment such as gate poles, race course barriers, ice drills and many other supplies necessary to make our program a success. If you sponsor a race team in the amount of $150 it helps defray the cost of $150. This helps defray the cost of Buddy Werner T-shirts, trophies and team photos.

We would like to thank our 2005 sponsors: Enmagine, Inc., Custom Ski & Board Rentals, Dons Bakeshop, Barton Memorial Hospital, Accurate Audio Video, Sno-Flake Drive-in, Divided Sky, South Tahoe Refuse Co., Dr. Marvin Covrig, Novasel & Schwarte Investments, Hatch Electric, Sierra Shirts, Kiwanis, Elks Lodge, South Lake Tahoe Optimist and Rainbow Mountain.

Sally Ewing

Buddy Werner Youth Ski League