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Kudos & Kindness

To the editor:

Sierra Recovery Center would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to a few members of the community for their generous donations.

Thank you to Kerry David and his staff at David and Johnson Ltd. for their generous donations of desks that we will be using at our new facility.

A special thanks to Jose and Sylvia Dira for their donation of a washer and dryer, which is now being used in our residential facility.

Also, a thank you to John LeGrace for his generous amount of clothing donation.

Your donations make it so much easier for a nonprofit organization to function. Thank you so much.

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Safeway workers showed honesty

To the editor:

This letter is to thank the employees at Safeway for their honesty.

On April 22, I inadvertently left my purse in the shopping cart after loading up my vehicle with my purchases.

It wasn’t until after I arrived home that I discovered it was missing.

When I called Safeway, the office told me it had been turned in by one of their employees. I do not know who the employee is, but his or her honesty renews my faith in mankind – thank you.

Joyce Blackstone

South Lake Tahoe

Sierra Athletic’s help appreciated

To the editor:

With great appreciation we would like to thank Sierra Athletic Club for their support in our fund-raising effort.

We created note cards from our watercolors thanks to the talent of our guest speaker, Carol Haase-Hug, and they are on sale at the counter of Sierra Athletic Club.

We are so thankful that Sierra Athletic Club offered to support our AVID class in this way. Thank you so much.

Eileen McEwen’s eighth-grade AVID class