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Kudos & Kindness

To the editor:

On April 13 the business community came together in support of CASA in South Lake Tahoe, while enjoying the CASA Box Lunch fund-raiser. More than 200 businesses ordered lunches and had them delivered to their place of business. Each lunch bought helped bring funds to CASA, which advocates for abused and neglected children who are part of the court system. These children benefit greatly from having an advocate for their best interests as they navigate through the court systems. They are often lonesome and afraid and a CASA provides stability and support for them.

CASA would like to thank the volunteers who gave their time and energy to help raise more than $9,500. Thanks to Kristi Wyles, Bill Kennedy, Ernie Claudio, Don Regis-Bilar, Joanna Stockman, John and Sandy Naugle, Julie Nelson, Ernie Bornstein, John Meaney, Jim Oglesby, Danny Chavez, Hector Chavaez, Carol Smith, Mark and Sherry Acri, Sal Solorzana, Cree Harr, Claire Neville, Martha Winberg, Kathy Shoemaker, Pam Ross, Nancy Gaynor, Sherna KoppleSvenson, Doris Groelz, Doug Keekel, Liz Donohue, Chuck Day, Eric Acri, Patty Page, Cathy Martin, Linde Borge, Deb Wright, M.E. Halpin, Bonnie Hill, Anne Luerken, Jake Kemper and Karen Vaughn.

Very special thanks to out to Keith Cooney for blanketing the town with order forms, to Linda Hunt and Paul Ellbogan and his staff at Harrah’s and to Harrah’s/Harveys for their financial support of this fund-raiser, to John and Judy Cefalu and Frito Lay and to Shelley Gionatta of LTUSD.

Volunteers that care and a community that cares makes for a wonderful fund-raiser. Thanks to all who helped and all of you who enjoyed your lunch that day knowing you are making a difference for a child who needs your support.

Sonja Miller, Joy Rothchild and Wendy David

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