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Kudos & Kindness

To the editor:

While skating at the South Lake Tahoe ice arena on Monday night, I was dismayed when one of my contact lenses went flying onto the ice.

With vision now impaired and under the rink’s dim disco lights, I looked in vain for the pale blue disc. Fortunately, the Lorenz family interrupted their skating to help with my search. Miraculously, Katelyn found it, before anyone skated over it.

Thank you, Katelyn, and the rest of the family.

Elaine Goodman

South Lake Tahoe

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Free physicals are appreciated

To the editor:

On behalf of South Tahoe High School I would like to thank the following individuals for providing their services for the free physicals on Aug. 3:

Thank you to Dr. Noble Anderson, Dr. Stephen Hewitt, Dr. Scott Southard, Dr. Brooks Martin, Dr. Dan Norman, Michelle Feeney, P.A., and Amy Pittlick F.N.P.

Thank you also to the support staff, Donna Moore, Nicole Kranzberg, Josselyn Oritiz, Margret Mottashed, Jenn Angel, Veronica Preciado, Karen Conant, Alice Dicks, Cindy Cosmi, Darlene Clark, Sarah Duley, Stepanie Flood and Joanne Donmoyer.

Thank you from the Vikings.

Don Borges

Athletic director

South Tahoe High School

Lost wallet was returned intact

To the editor:

Hello. My name is James Matthews. About a month ago I was busy doing fatherly things, getting dinner ready, getting my two daughters, Jordan and Taylor, into the shower, and finding pajamas for everybody to wear. Anyway, what a busy evening. So, I think to myself how about I run to Kentucky Fried Chicken – it’s quick and easy.

Between KFC and home I lost my wallet, and for those of you who don’t have doubles of everything at home in a file cabinet, you can understand the panic that started in. I had no license, no Social Security card – nothing. So we began tearing the yard apart and the house up. Finally, after a week of useless searching and guessing where it went, I gave up. A couple of weeks go by and I purchase a new wallet. Then, I go to the Post Office and there is a letter inside saying to come to the front because my wallet is there.

I go to the counter and after waiting impatiently for 20 minutes they locate my wallet. I open it up and not only is all my ID, driver’s license and Social Security there, but my $60 was there as well. I don’t know who you are out there, but you have restored my faith in society’s honesty and integrity. Hopefully, some day the kind deed will come back to you. Thanks.

James Matthews

South Lake Tahoe