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Kudos & Kindness

Community family in time of need

Recently we lost our daughter, Isabella. This amazing community, once again, didn't hesitate to shower us with love and support. There are so many people we wish we could truly express how grateful we are for your kindness. We are so blessed and though we cant mention everyone, no one goes unnoticed in our hearts! Thank you to the all the families from Bijou Elementary. Bringing over hot meals, cards, flowers, and just a general support system for our other kids was more than we could ever have asked for! To our friends and family who were unconditionally there, thank you, especially to Brenda Munn, Sandy Pape, Jeff & Danell Cassetta, Grandma Margarita, Aunt Tere, Aunt Debbie, Arthur Hervey and Kathy Haven. Miss Tina and Doctor Jennifer Ehmann you two are forever in our hearts. The genuine comfort and warmth that you brought us in such a difficult time is never lost with us. And Miss Tina your continued care with our family allows us the abilit!y to smile. Thank you for always being there for us, you are forever our family. Thank you to everyone who donated and sent there love and thoughts to us! As we sit back and miss our daughter, were grateful for the short time we had with her and even more grateful that we belong to such a giving, caring, and loving community. South Lake is our home for this exact reason and more.

Thank You frpm

Kelly Meyer, Fidencio and Isabella Lizaola