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KUDOS & KINDNESS: End of year art show a success

The Bringing Art To Schools Program recently held its end of year art show in conjunction with the Lake Tahoe Unified Schools open house night in the elementary schools.

Students in each class selected art pieces to be displayed and in each school the adult volunteers worked throughout the day to set up grids and attach the art pieces for display. This is the culmination of many hours of volunteer time with the cooperation of the teacher in each class in providing scheduled time for the instruction.

The art program is conducted through a series of five portfolios that cover 30 different themes over all the grade levels. These themes reflect a variety of objectives as required by California’s State Standards for Arts Education. Skills covered include artistic perception, creative expression, the historical and cultural context of the arts and the ability to make judgments about art that will develop critical thinking.

Trained volunteers attempt to provide the opportunity to explore a variety of different materials ranging from chalk, crayon, markers, cut paper, printmaking, clay, watercolor and even 3-D sculpture. Guest artists are recruited from the community to provide additional lessons when possible. In addition, through the use of grant money, bus transportation became available to provide field trips to the Haldan Gallery at the Lake Tahoe Community College. Art lessons will continue through the last week of school.

The BATS volunteers wish to thank all the dedicated teachers and eager students who help to make the program so successful. If anyone is interested in learning more about this program or how to volunteer in a school next year, visit http://www.batsart.org.

Lynne Brosch