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KUDOS & KINDNESS: Thank you for community support

There are times in life when the unimaginable happens. For our family that time started in August of this year, when our 16-year-old son Cody was hospitalized in Sacramento for the first of two life threatening strokes.

The struggles Cody faced, the emotional and financial struggles our family faced seemed to be insurmountable.

But there is something else unimaginable that happened, and that was the loving net of support, prayers and financial assistance from our dear community – all without our asking or our knowledge.

It is impossible to describe what your financial and emotional generosity has meant to us.

We cannot list all who have extended their support to us – the list is far too long, and in many cases anonymous, but we would be remiss not to mention a few.

Our employers Dick Horn and Heavenly were clear with us: their first priority was our son’s health and our well being.

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Jazzercise for the network of loving gals who held special events in our honor. The Moose Lodge for generously supplying the spaghetti feed spot, the Lakefront Wedding Chapel participation and Red Hut for generously providing all the food.

Cody is working hard towards a full recovery, and we are at work finding the new normal in our lives.

People often talk of the comfort and care of a small town. We experienced that first hand, and will always be grateful for you love and generosity.

The Higgins family