LA man pays $10 million for Ski Run Marina |

LA man pays $10 million for Ski Run Marina

Susan Wood, Tribune staff writer

The wake of optimism could be felt from Ski Run Boulevard to Los Angeles.

A Beverly Hills investor bought the Ski Run Marina Village, a high-profile area of town in the path of South Lake Tahoe redevelopment that’s billed for its potential and visibility.

Under the auspices of the East River Terrace Partners, Mansoor Alyeshmerni closed the $10 million deal Tuesday with Michael Phillips, who has wanted to sell for a long time. The property includes 16 units — consisting mainly of the village shops — on 4.33 acres.

“I look forward to being a part of the community. It’s a great, dynamic community. I hope to provide a venue for visitors as well as the people who are local to the area so they can enjoy the lake more,” Alyeshmerni said.

Even Phillips expressed support about the prospects of the village.

“I’m excited about the future of the Ski Run Marina as the new owner brings it to a new level (of accomplishment),” marina manager Dan Jack said, translating a statement from Phillips. Jack said Phillips plans to work with Alyeshmerni to get him up to speed on the operation.

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The 60-year-old retired professor taught at Carlton College in Minnesota before working in real estate.

“I realized it was impossible to have the lifestyle I want on a teacher’s salary,” he said.

Alyeshmerni decided to invest in parcels mostly in Arizona and California.

He’s come on board with the plan laid out by the city, California Tahoe Conservancy and those in the private sector who spearheaded a design that would open up the area to more lake access and make it more bike and pedestrian friendly.

The lack of foot traffic is an issue the native of Iran initially noticed about his investment. He criticized the way the pathways through the village abruptly end, making it difficult for businesses in the village to make a living.

Some have come and gone.

“It looks like they go nowhere,” he said of the paths.

Alyeshmerni would also like to address the parking problems, which increase with summer traffic.

Of all the design ideas a Sacramento firm is toying with, Alyeshmerni favors developing a community gathering place where locals can go to meet.

“It’s not only something I want to see, it’s something that will be the secret of its success,” he said.

He plans to stay in Los Angeles and hire Arcadia Management of Phoenix to handle the property, including the tenants.

One of his largest tenants — Aramark Corporation — nodded its approval in the change.

“He seems well-informed and interested in the area,” Aramark spokeswoman Carol Chaplin said. The company runs the Tahoe Queen and the M.S. Dixie paddle-wheelers out of Ski Run Marina and Zephyr Cove Resort, respectively.

Aramark has its own plans to boost tourism business and get people around the lake in an environmentally sound way.

The concessionaire is also interested in operating a solar boat as a bike and passenger shuttle.

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