Lake level inches lower |

Lake level inches lower

Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

Lake Tahoe lowers 0.02 of an inch on some days – on others, it doesn’t change it all.

The general trend, after three consecutive below-average or average winters, is down, exposing more sand and leaving the buoys off El Dorado Beach barely floating.

Federal regulators, at most, can keep 6.1 feet of water stored at Tahoe. It is released at a dam in Tahoe City to feed the Truckee River.

The stored water is measured starting from the rim of the lake, which sits 6,223 feet above sea level. On Monday, the lake was 0.15 of an inch below the rim at 6,222.85.

Reservoirs north of Tahoe are being tapped to feed the Truckee, said Federal Water Master Garry Stone.

– Gregory Crofton