Lake Tahoe Drink of the Week: Lake Tahoe AleWorX’s (Stateline) Apples & Pears |

Lake Tahoe Drink of the Week: Lake Tahoe AleWorX’s (Stateline) Apples & Pears

Lake Tahoe AleWorX’s (Stateline) Apples & Pears consists of Rocket vodka, Asian pear shrub, elderflower tonic water, orange bitters and vanilla. It's garnished with an orange slice on a sugar rim.
Rob Galloway / Lake Tahoe Action

One of the largest components of Tahoe’s nightlife is the mix of countless breweries, bars and restaurants that offer unique drinks difficult to find outside the basin.

In our Drink of the Week segment, we’ll showcase one type of beer, wine, cocktail — you name it — to try around the basin.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts, it should be noted that this week’s drink was named after one of the more famous Cockney slang terms, meaning stairs. That’s quite clever considering the elevated freshness this cocktail brings.

But why Apples and Pears?

For starters, the vodka used in this drink is Rocket vodka, which is made from apples. Combine that with Asian pear shrub and voila, you have your name.

Those two together might make a great drink, but just like the Price is Right’s Showcase Showdown, that’s not all. The remaining prize package consists of elderflower tonic water, orange bitters and a few drops of vanilla. It is then garnished with an orange slice on a sugar rim.

That combination rolls into a very light and easy drinking experience.

Since this is running over Labor Day weekend, if I were to equate it to a job, it might be a librarian. While I’ve never librarian-d, I have to think the most hectic part would be enforcing late fees — which could be handled with a light and easy demeanor. I guess if you had an unruly book returner things could get ugly, but I digress…

For the taste of the cocktail, the apple and pear combo is just as great a duo as Sonny and Cher. They balance each other out so well, when you think one’s not pulling its weight, you feel the other kick in and say, “Don’t worry, I got you, babe.”

The vanilla, while super subtle, really mellows out the citrus so that there’s not one flavor that overpowers another — they all just shake hands and converse like it’s a party for Zen yoga instructors.

It’s that super easy drinking experience that will make shuffling up the apples and pears a breeze … unless you’ve had a few too many. In that case, I’d recommend taking the elevator.

Lake Tahoe AleWorX’s Stateline restaurant and bar is located at 31 U.S. 50, Suite 105, and is open from 11-2 a.m. daily. Learn more at or on Facebook (@laketahoealeworx).

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