Lake Tahoe Drink of the Week: South of North Brewing Co.’s Motorcycle Mama IPA |

Lake Tahoe Drink of the Week: South of North Brewing Co.’s Motorcycle Mama IPA

Rob Galloway

One of the largest components of Tahoe’s nightlife is the mix of countless breweries, bars and restaurants that offer unique drinks difficult to find outside of the basin.

In our Drink of the Week segment, we’ll showcase one type of beer, wine, cocktail — you name it — to try around the basin.

I know what you’re thinking: another IPA? Listen, IPAs are king of the beer castle. Every brewery makes like five bajillion styles, so naturally they’re going to rule the roost.

So when we come across one that stands out from the rest, we should let you know. Because, hello, good beer should not live a sheltered life.

South of North Brewing Company’s Motorcycle Mama definitely gets your motor running, but as IPAs are concerned, it’s an easy rider. Rather than big, robust hops and bitterness that IPAs are typically known for, this one gives you more of the drinkability of an ale, making for a drinking experience that’s as smooth as a con artist at a check forging convention.

That isn’t to say this beer is not representative of an IPA. Floral notes on the nose and a hoppy finish are there. It’s just so clean all the way around that you can probably put away more than your average limit of IPAs — a week night is probably not the time you want to go all in.

At 6.3% ABV, I think you’ll be happier that you waited until the weekend. Trust me, you’ll want another as soon as the first one is about halfway gone, which could be the best way to describe you if you go all night drinking these. Just don’t expect to conquer Mr. Toad’s the next morning if you do.

South of North Brewing Co. is located at 932 Stateline Ave., in South Lake Tahoe, California. For information visit them online at