Lake Tahoe woman talks TEA party |

Lake Tahoe woman talks TEA party

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Provided by Glenn E, Barclay

Jerida Vochatzer of South Lake Tahoe attended the TEA party in Sacramento on Wednesday and spoke with the Tribune before and after the event.

The TEA party, TEA being an acronym for Taxed Enough Already, was part of a national movement to protest against government waste and taxes. Hundreds of the protest parties were carried out throughout the country. A similar one was held in Carson City at the state Legislature and was attended by thousands.

Here are some of Vochatzer’s thoughts and photographs, including one photo with Fox News Channel political commentator Neil Cavuto.

The top photograph is by Glenn E. Barclay of South Lake Tahoe who also attended the event and submitted photographs to the Tribune.

“It was an exciting, wonderful day with a group of wonderful people, all proud to be Americans.

“There were about six thousand of us, many carrying signs expressing their unhappiness with Wall Street bonus, bailouts and pork spending. The crowd wasn’t rowdy at all and there weren’t any counter-protesters. There were some sharpshooters though on top of the capitol building.

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“I would say we are common, ordinary Americans who love their country and don’t like what has happened. There were whites, blacks, mothers with children and Latinos. Some people came all the way from Tennessee to be in the protest.

“The over-all emphasis of the day was to say ‘enough’ with the leaders and representatives of Congress who are not representing the people. We want our Constitution enforced and embraced.

“I would say that the TEA party movement isn’t about Democrats or Republicans because both sides of the leadership have had their hands in the mess we’re in. I would say this is a grassroots group of Americans that are unhappy with our tax money being wasted at the expense of our children.

There was something like 500 or 600 of these protests around the country. Our message is that we need to be listened to and that we are serious. We fear that our government is not being controlled by the people for the people but by special interests, and because of that, our Constitution is being changed. We’re a great nation, the best in the world but we’ve lost our way.

“I think the next step is getting rid of those in Washington who do not work in the interest of the people.

“He is a very nice guy. He was out walking around, talking to people. I saw him, walked up to him and asked if I could have my picture taken with him. He asked if I watch the program and I said, yes I did. I watch programs that interest me on topics that interest me and his is one of the programs.

“I found him to be personable and down-to-earth.”