Last chance to vote for Tahoe Pepsi Project |

Last chance to vote for Tahoe Pepsi Project

Saturday is the last chance to vote online for a 24-year-old South Lake Tahoe woman who is in the running for $50,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project to create a nonprofit in Lake Tahoe promoting a sustainable community.

Aria Benham, a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, is ranked 198 out of 1,300 accepted entries for Pepsi’s online contest. The top 10 online vote-getters receive $50,000 to get their dreams off the ground.

Pepsi is giving out $1,300,000 each month to fund ideas.

Among Benham’s proposals:

• Three greenhouse projects within the local school district.

• Provide access to used bikes for inexpensive, flexible and human-powered transportation. Provide bike carts to locals for free use to and from grocery stores as well as any other needed use.

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• Creation of a high-altitude cold climate seed bank.

• Use recyclable clothing to create usable shopping bags; ultimately eliminating the use of plastic bags within the community.

• Create community composting projects for education; and through demonstration prove that wastes from restaurants and home kitchens can, through time, create soil.

• Provide venues for, and teaching of, alternative classes such as yoga, cooking, nutrition, composting, permaculture, bike maintenance, plant propagation and more.

• Building 101 would incorporate permaculture ideals; teachings would include improving basic carpentry skills and building wood stoves, cob ovens, compost showers and greenhouses, all of which would be from recycled materials.

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