Laughs abound Lake Tahoe with Rocky LaPorte at The Improv |

Laughs abound Lake Tahoe with Rocky LaPorte at The Improv

Howie Nave / For the Tahoe Daily Tribune

Ron Morey, Howie Nave and Rocky LaPorte hanging out on the stairwell backstage of the Improv at Harveys.

When people try to imitate you when telling a story that’s usually a pretty good sign that others think you’re pretty big stuff.

If you talk to any comic who is worth their weight in gold they’ll say nothing but great stuff about Rocky.

He’s just an overall great guy who makes you laugh both on and always off stage. Even when he doesn’t try to be funny he is. He finds the ‘funny’ in just about everything. Couple that with his very distinctive delivery and the outcome will always crack you up.

Lately Rocky has been missing his Chicago roots which makes sense. He’s never been one that likes the LA scene but knows he has to spend so much time there because of the industry. Rocky’s more about family and pretty much all of them (at least the immediate members) are in Chicago. He loves being up here in Tahoe and says that this is by far one of his favorite places to perform. He’s been on the road so much I’m surprised that they haven’t named an Interstate after him!

Rocky has done his fair share of television shows and late night appearances and is slated for yet another Tonight Show. His first time on that show he received a standing ovation. His Comedy Central special airs frequently and finally has his first official CD out. He’s been popping up in a number of movies lately the first

having appeared in Tim Allen’s remake of Disney’s “The Shaggy Dog.”

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Tim told Rock that he was “one of my favorite comics” and asked him to tryout for the sequel to the very successful “Wild Hogs” which not only starred Allen but also featured William H. Macy and John Travolta.

Fortunately for us though Rocky still loves performing ‘live’ in front of an audience. That’s where I think he shines the most. It’s the instant recognition and feedback too that he enjoys best.

He is one of The Improv’s most requested comics and we try to get him booked up here as much as possible because his schedule gets pretty slammed as you might imagine.

One of his recent highlights when it came to performing was doing an overseas tour making our troops laugh. One of his performances in Iraq was featured on a Showtime special called “Patriot Act: a Jeffrey Ross Home Movie” in which fellow comics Jeff Ross and Drew Carey were captured unabridged performing in the Middlle East.

Rocky’s also part of an all-Italian line-up called “The Godfathers of Comedy” which is slated for release later this year on Comedy Central.

And if that wasn’t enough Rocky just wrapped production on Tim Allen’s latest movie, “Crazy On the Outside” which Tim not only stars in but directs and served as a co-producer. Some of the other cast include Sigourney Weaver, Ray Liotta and Kelsey Grammer. Rocky has a pretty decent part in this movie as well. In fact when Tim Allen was on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” he showed stills from the upcoming movie and was with him and Rocky.

He’s finally back after how long an absence? Well, let’s just say it has been way too long since we last saw Ron Morey perform out this way. Ron is very energetic which is good since his physical style of humor needs a body source to keep him juiced up on stage but in a natural way.

He is such a delight to witness on stage. What a great pairing this week with the likes of Rocky. Morey’s kinetic style has earned him a nomination to the list of the top five comics in the country by The Entertainment Business Journal and when you see Ron you’ll see why. His show includes not just the funny stuff but also a mixture of characters, impressions and music highlights that he incorporates into the act.

Ron also donates his time and talent entertaining the troops for the USO in such places as Italy, Greece, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Ron has been featured on NFL Films, Comedy Central, PBS, A&E and even on Snoop Dogg’s MTV show, “DoggyFizzle Televizzle.” When you catch a glimpse of Ron you’ll see why that is so funny. You couldn’t have picked a more well dressed white act than Ron Morey there Snoop Dogg. Ron just rolls that way being so urban and all.

He’s been on The Improv circuit for years now but why it took so long to get him back up here well, let’s just say the wait is finally over. He’s opened for such diverse acts as George Lopez, Tracy Morgan, Ellen DeGeneres and D. L. Hughley.

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