Law enforcement warns of scams |

Law enforcement warns of scams

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn the citizens of scams that are occurring in Douglas County. There are numerous scams and to identify each one as how it is presented is very difficult.

1. The first scam to be addressed is the IRS scam. A caller identifies himself as an agent and suggests you contact your lawyer or pay an unspecified amount or the sheriff’s office will come and arrest you. The IRS will not call and demand money from you over the phone. Report this type of scam to or refer to the IRS website.

2. The next scam is a caller identifies himself as a representative from the Gas Company or Power Company and will advise that if you do not pay, your service will be shut off. They will ask you to purchase loadable debit cards and provide them with the number. If your account is in question contact the specific company from a trusted number that you obtain from your utility bill and discuss your issue with them. Do not rely on the number that is given to you.

3. A new scam that just surfaced is a caller identifying himself as a representative from a bank. This person asks for your bank card information, name, date of birth and social security number. Again, do not provide this information to the caller and contact your local bank if you believe there is an issue with your debit/credit card. Banks do not call you for information.

4. The caller presents themselves as a family member in need of bail money as they have just been arrested. Then, a person claiming to be a lawyer comes on the line and gives a story and the amounted needed to get the family out of jail. As mentioned above they ask for a prepaid debit card to pay the fines. Call your family member or other family and confirm they have been arrested.

A vast majority of these scams originate outside the United States and use techniques to make the call appear inside the United States. Please do not fall prey to the scam artists. They are forceful and insight fear tactics to get what they want. Hang up on these types of calls.

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