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Letter: Column about Tahoe Keys weeds, herbicides was misleading (Opinion)

Editor’s note: This is in response to a guest column that ran in the Aug. 7 edition of the Tribune.

In response to Carolyn Willette’s opinion piece about weeds and herbicides in the Tahoe Keys; it is irresponsible of you to print such a piece with untruths and ridiculous claims. I sold my condo there, so I know what the issues are, and I also am against herbicides, as well as many other things that are done in the Keys; lawns everywhere, fertilizers leaching into the lake and wasting water.

However, Carolyn lies when she states that “tens of millions of dollars” will be spent on invasive weed abatement programs. The funds will come from HOA dues and property tax assessments.

But the worst misleading statements are pertaining to restoring the Keys to wetlands that will “filter and purify the waters that feed lake Tahoe.” To do that would require reconnecting the Truckee river with the Keys water channels. That would require removing Venice Blvd., eliminating the marina, all the roads in the area that separate all the channels, and I guess destroying hundreds of homes, many in the several million dollar range.

This is an absurd impossibility and she looses all credibility by even suggesting it is possible. If she simply wants to turn the existing channels into some kind of fields or seasonal puddles, then that would do nothing to help the lake, and the homeowners would never allow that anyway.

Like Carolyn, I am also a Sierra club member (40 years), and it saddens me that she speaks for us as she has damaged my club and it’s credibility. She is either very naive or ignorant of the area and what is possible.

Greg Case, Nevada City

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