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Letter: Community safety is a serious matter, yes on Measure B (Opinion)

Dear Editor:

Fellow community members, I support Measure B and believe all voters should be informed as to the importance of passing this $52/year bond issue.

As a 47-year resident I have developed a very high degree of confidence in and respect for the Lake Vally Fire Protection District and it’s elected Board of Directors.

The requested parcel tax would only be used for firefighting vehicles and equipment, not for personnel costs related to salaries and benefits. If I am involved in a fire or an accident I want the most highly trained people and the best quality equipment to show up as quickly as possible, just as you would. This measure helps insure that response.

To validate the appropriate use of the funds generated the measure calls for an independent citizen’s oversight committee to conduct annual performance audits and insure the funds are used as promised.

What does the district do for all of us? In addition to fire prevention and suppression they respond to all kinds of accidents including vehicles, hiking and climbing, skiing, snowmobile and water related incidents.

Above and beyond this, they inspect our schools to help protect our children as well as make sure commercial buildings are fire safe. When not fighting fires, responding to accidents and emergencies, or inspecting buildings the district is providing CPR classes, maintaining equipment, clearing hydrants, visiting property owners and constantly training as well as teaching future firefighters.

As in all campaigns there is misinformation. The facts are our firefighters pay for their health benefits, do not get bonuses, and contribute to their own retirement through the Public Employee Retirement System.

Please take the time and become informed by visiting a fire station and talk with those who protect us every day. Look at the website lakevalleyfire.org. Be an informed voter. The safety of our community is a serious matter.

David Kurtzman, South Lake Tahoe

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