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Letter — Enjoying Tahoe’s wildlife

A few days ago as I walked out of the 7-Eleven near Stateline. I saw a large red tailed Hawk. It flew across pioneer and landed in a big pine tree. As it rested there (about 40 feet high) it looked like it was taking in the view of beautiful Lake Tahoe, with its powerful hawk’s binocular vision. In reality though it was probably resting there after having finished eating, as it looked like it had a full “crop” (Falconry word for a Hawk’s stomach) and was full.

Yesterday I noticed two Steller’s Jays chattering loudly as they chased each other hoping from branch to branch as they ascended the tree. Where else but Lake Tahoe (and other forested areas) can you go out your door, or look out your window and see Steller’s Jays cavorting through the trees?

This is quite a town we live in with all it’ wildlife!

Today as I drove to the post office to check my mail, I noticed about 10 geese fly from the lake side of Highway 50 (El Dorado Beach) across the highway and over the post office area. These particular geese always fly in “V” formation around the Lake Tahoe area, you’ve probably seen them many times over the years as you drive down the road. Its a beautiful sight to see (everytime!) and reminds us of the natural beauty of this town we live in, called Lake Tahoe. We’re lucky to be able to live and work here.

Theodore R. Harris III

South Lake Tahoe

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