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Letter: ‘Enviros’ stealing away nation’s Bill of Rights

by D. Falkenstien

To the editor:

It’s time to stop the enviros.

The Bill of Rights No. 10 gives the El Dorado residents to control our area, leaving the federal government out of the state business, diversity keep democracy, the government office interior secretary Babbitt refused to tell Congress of future sites, for national sites. I believe Mr. Nielsen and other supervisors are selling we residents individuality to state government for unity. Each areas are unique and each different.

I do believe with Clinton/Blyth he is illegally funding the environmentalists with $7 million donated to the United Nations. Heritage sites funneling back to the enviros for legal fees, to fight the very Americans the money was taken in taxes.

Entertain this thought: The intertwining thread in all the local issues is agencies willing to regulate on no scientific proof. I believe Clinton/Blyth and Gore want to make the waterways, mines and Coloma/Lotus as a National 49er Gold Discovery Site. You see the BLM uses tax dollars to buy land. Business that I will boycott, fund enviros like Hewlett Packard. When the BLM buys waterways, it landlocks land, making it useless to interested buyers. So the land is donated. The ARB has stated the asbestos tested is not cancerous, causing no damage or health safety. Yet it is trying to close mines, yet gain all the precious metals in the waterways. The reclamation board is biased, as in Sacramento. The mines were turned into parks. If the enviro agencies eliminate jobs, economy water, then people will move to a concentration camp like city dictatorship.

We must not allow Clinton/Blyth to use executive orders to overstep our Bill of Rights. I suggest this. Write all legislators, let them know of your concern.

1. BLM: Funding should be cut back, the funds allowed to purchase land. The news said this agency could not account for the fees they had collected.

2. EPA: Disallow funding they contribute to enviros to their legal funds. This uses tax dollars against the very people who pay taxes, this is discrimination.

3. Do not allow any national historical sites without voters’ approval to purchase.

4. Do not allow any historical site translation without Congress approval and public input.

5. Cut back on agencies. If the agencies can follow the enviros’ Steve Proe around at his beck and call, then the agency has too many employees.

6. If the forestry has time to study deer moving from high to low ground, too many employees with nothing to do.

7. If the BLM and forestry can put up gates to keep the public out of the forest. Cutbacks are required on supplies.

8. Boycott all businesses that donate your consumer dollars to fight you. When they get charity tax breaks. So the damage to you is twofold. Demand from Congress these donations to enviros not be tax deductible. Since it is discrimination.

Now I’m telling you, Board of Supervisors, stop being stymied by these enviros. Build! Enviros have cost us a lot of federal money we were entitled to, so start building, let the enviros start legal action. The enviros as plaintiffs, to put up or shut up. You know they must prove by lab scientific proof. You as defendant don’t have to prove anything. The premise of enviros is, if you think there is a problem, proceed even without scientific proof. I tell you proceed legally so we get this mess behind us.

The enviros have media coverage, but are very well funded. Mr. Volker doesn’t work free, no pro bono. So request all legal costs and loss of construction time from the judge when you win. I believe the library shows contributors to the enviros. The IRS should know. I believe it’s under 990. According to C-Span guest.

Let’s stop dancing and start acting. You will then keep consumer dollars local, eliminating the monopoly and bad service, returning logging business.

Dorothea Falkenstien

Pollock Pines, Calif.

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